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Student Advisors

Photo of Terry

Hey there - my name is Terry and I'm so excited to be a Student Advisor for the best major at Stanford! I was born and raised in Fairborn, Ohio and as soon as I arrived at Stanford, I knew that HumBio was the major for me. My area of concentration is Global Community Health, and it has allowed me to take some amazing courses examining global health issues and how to ethically and effectively collaborate with communities to address them. I'm not quite sure what I want to be when I grow up, but HumBio has provided me with a broad range of experiences to explore my various passions.

Outside of HumBio, I stay busy with various communities around campus. Last year, I was an RA in Burbank and, this year, I'm the RA in Xanadu! If I'm not in the SA Office, you can find me walking backwards around campus as a Tour Guide or volunteering at Pacific Free Clinic. Feel free to stop by the SA Office and hangout with me sometime - I'm super excited to meet you all!

Photo of Shelby

Hey HumBio! My name is Shelby, and I’m so excited to be one of your SAs this year! I’m a pre-med senior from Nashville, TN majoring in HumBio. My area of concentration is the Neurological Basis of Child Development, which has allowed me to take classes about pediatric health issues, neurobiology, and developmental disorders. I am hoping to become a pediatric physician some day and build a career around my interests in both child health and education.

Outside of HumBio, my favorite thing to do is dance! This is my third year on the Stanford Bhangra team, and I spent my sophomore year as one of the Stanford Dollies. I also spend time doing immunology research at the medical school, working as a medical scribe at the children’s hospital, being a Psych One Teaching Fellow, coaching gymnastics for little kids, and volunteering with Science in Service. Definitely come visit me if you have any questions about HumBio, being pre-med, Stanford in Washington, or anything else! I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Photo of Libby

Hey HumBio! My name is Libby, and I’m so excited to be a Student Advisor this year. I’m a senior from Lawrenceville, NJ, and have loved my time in the HumBio community over the years. I’ve always been interested in health around the world, and learning more about the huge disparities that exist, so my concentration in HumBio is Global Public Health. This concentration has led me to take fascinating classes ranging from children’s health to medical anthropology, and has influenced my thinking about what kind of doctor I’d like to be one day. I’ve also been abroad twice—last fall in Australia and just this summer in Oaxaca, Mexico—and would love to talk about HumBio abroad.

Outside of HumBio I’ve worked at the Bridge, am part of DM, and volunteer at Stanford Free Clinics! In my free time I like to spend lots of time outside, or exploring the best food around Palo Alto. Come stop by the SA office and chat with me, I can’t wait to meet all of you! 

Photo of Akua

Hey there, Humbio! My name is Akua, and I am a senior from Northern Virginia (#DMV). I am so excited to be a HumBio Student Advisor for you all this year! My concentration is “Healthcare in Underserved Populations,” and I’ve taken courses in subjects ranging from African studies to public health. I’m interested in improving healthcare delivery for populations in greatest need. Putting what I’ve learned in my coursework to use, I earned a grant through HBREX to investigate the link between socioeconomic status and immune dysregulation in children with the Nadeau Lab for Allergy and Asthma research.

Outside of HumBio, I am the Assistant Director for Stanford Talisman, served as an RA in Norcliffe, and am currently the Financial Manager in Roth. Additionally, I am a former Community Health Advocacy Fellow (Avenidas), volunteer at Arbor Free Clinic, and member of the new Global Health Student Council. I hope to take what I’ve learned in my communities at Stanford with me to medical school and beyond. In my free time, I love to listen to music, make pottery, and watch trashy TV with friends. Feel free to ask me about any and everything (pre-med, arts, etc). We are here to help you navigate this amazing major!

Photo of Amy

Hey y’all! My name is Amy and I'm super excited to be one of your HumBio SAs this year! I’m a senior from Los Angeles and I’ve lived on the west coast my entire life—well, except for one quarter when I lived in D.C. as part of the Stanford in Washington Program. In my time here on campus, I’ve been involved with Stanford Dragonboat, APAMSA, SPOT leading, research, and I’ve worked in a handful of pediatric clinics, so it’s no surprise that my HumBio Area of Concentration is Designing Interventions for Child Development. In the future, I hope to take all my experiences and apply them to become a pediatrician. I love exploring the intersection of health with policy, design thinking, and technology. This past summer, I had the opportunity to explore my interests in the latter with Samsung’s Digital Health Lab.

In my free time, you can catch me playing basketball, attending food festivals, and being a chronic TV binger (ask me how long it took to finish the first 6 seasons of Game of Thrones). If you have any questions about HumBio, SIW, being pre-med, or anything at all, come swing by to chat or chill!

Photo of Samantha

Hi HumBio! My name is Samantha, and I’m a senior from Elk Grove, CA. I am so excited to be an SA this year! I’ve always been passionate about health and medicine, but through HumBio, I was able to discover and hone an interest in community health and health equity. My area of concentration is Chronic Disease and Community Health, and it has allowed me to take classes in fields from sociology to immunology to design thinking. I am also pursuing a coterm in Community Health and Prevention Research and a minor in History so definitely feel free to ask me anything about pursuing interdisciplinary fields! 

Outside of HumBio, I am an RA in Ng House, an editor at the Stanford Daily, volunteer with Cardinal Free Clinics, and am involved with research at the med school. In my spare time, I love watching the newest superhero movies, drinking way too much tea and coffee, and trying new restaurants (send me recommendations!). Swing by the SA office and chat with me--I can't wait to meet you all!