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Student Advisors

 Greetings! My name is Lisa and I’m a senior from Stanford, CA. (Yes, my parents’ house is closer to Tresidder than some of the dorms.) I LOVE HumBio because of its interdisciplinary nature and amazing support system, and am therefore incredibly excited to become a bigger part of the HumBio family and get to know all of you! While my area of concentration is adolescent development and behavior, I have a wide range of interests across all areas of HumBio and work as a research assistant in The Parker Lab in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. I am excited to continue working in the lab this year, focusing on my honors thesis project to investigate the neurobiology of autism.
Last fall, I studied abroad in Australia to snorkel and scuba with the fishies everyday, work on my tan, and refine my field research skills. After I graduate, I hope to pursue a graduate degree in psychology and hope to continue to be involved in research. When I am not doing something related to HumBio,  I love cooking, eating, scuba diving, and being super goofy. Please stop by anytime to discuss the declaration process, studying abroad, research, class changes, or really anything that’s on your mind!

 Hi! My name is Karina, and I’m stoked to be one of your HumBio SAs!  I’m from San Diego, CA,  land of the best taco shops, and I’m a Human Biology senior with a concentration in Genetic Counseling and Diseases.   As you might guess from my A/C, I’m hoping to study for my master’s in genetic counseling after graduation,  and this gelled perfectly with my HumBio interests.  If you want to know more about this awesome field, I’d love to answer your questions! I also love learning about evolutionary biology, women’s health, bioethics, anthropology, health and wellness, and infectious diseases.  When I’m not chatting it up with my residents (I’m a former PHE and current RA in Kimball!),  you can find me dancing with Urban Styles, hiking the Dish, watching The Big Bang Theory, or dreaming of new places to travel. Recently, I’ve been to Israel during junior year and to the Galapagos with Professor Bill Durham as part of his SoCo—that was definitely a life-changing learning adventure and just one of the many reasons I chose HumBio.  For my internship, I’ve worked in the Fuller Lab studying stem cell fate in Drosophila spermatogenesis, and I spent this past summer at the SENS Research Foundation in Mountain View working on building a cell model for age-related macular degeneration.  I can’t wait to help you figure out where this incredible HumBio journey will take you!

Hey! My name is Steven and I’m from Sierra Madre, a suburb nestled in the foothills of Los Angeles. Human Biology is a great major because you have the opportunity to craft a course of study highly relevant to your interests. It is particularly unique because you are required to take classes from multiple departments. In my own case, I aspire to become a surgeon specializing in otolaryngology (more specifically, hearing medicine) and my Area of Concentration reflects this, with an interdisciplinary mix of biomedical coursework and psychoacoustics. My honors research complements my A/C, as I am exploring the role of a novel gene in cell polarity of the inner ear. Outside of the SA office, I’m an avid outdoorsman, and I spend as much time as possible at the beach. I also play the Great Highland Bagpipes, so chances are high that you’ve heard me playing around Lake Lag. After I graduate, I plan to take a year off to drive across the U.S. and backpack through Patagonia in South America. If you have any questions related to Humbio, doing Honors research, or just want to hang out, I look forward to meeting you during my office hours.

What’s up HumBio! My name is Charlotte, and I’m a senior originally from Philadelphia, PA. I’m ridiculously excited to be a Student Advisor this year and get to know all of you awesome humans! I’ve been obsessed with brains for as long as I can remember, and HumBio has been the perfect major for me to explore my passion and meet the coolest people with similar interests. My concentration is Cognitive Neurobiology, which has led me to take all sorts of crazy brain classes, as well as work in a Neurobiology lab in the Med School for the past year. Besides HumBio, I work at the Bridge, am involved in Gaieties, was an RA in Otero last year and am the FM in Xanadu this year, and have worked at Stanford Sierra Camp for the past 3 summers. I’m all about adventures, and you can pretty much always find me outside – running, hiking, biking, swimming, or just laying in the grass somewhere. My other interests include giggling, watching ‘Criminal Minds’, and pretending I know how to dance. Come stop by the SA office and chat with me anytime, I can’t wait to meet you!

Hey there! My name is Costner, and I’m so excited to be working as a HumBio SA this year. I’m currently a senior living in Storey (more HumBio!) and am originally from Federal Way, WA. My area of concentration is The Social Determinants of Childhood Development. Many of my classes revolve around social factors (socioeconomic status, race, etc.) that impact health/development. However, I also enjoy studying psychology, human behavior, physiology, and more. Over the past few years, I’ve also worked as a research assistant with the Pediatric Bipolar Disorders Program. After Stanford, I’m hoping to enter medical school and work in pediatric medicine. If you have any pre-med questions, please ask! Outside of HumBio, I enjoy keeping busy with different student groups and communities. Last year, I spent most of my time as an RA in Larkin! I’ve also been involved in student government, Arbor Free Clinic, and Stanford Sierra Camp. When I’m not at a meeting or class, I enjoy going to Treehouse, hiking The Dish, or going for a swim. Feel free to stop by SA office hours to chat about interesting classes, major advisors, and more. Can’t wait!

Hey everybody! My name is Emily and I am a senior majoring in HumBio and minoring in Psychology. As a native Coloradan, I love anything and everything outdoors such as hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking and running. I knew that I wanted to study humans since I broke my toe at the young age of nine and watched the surgeon stitch me back up. From that day on, nothing was cooler to me than the human body, making HumBio the ideal track. My area of concentration is Neuropathology (that’s right, only one word!), which essentially means I am interested in all of the ways that the brain can go awry. This interest has led me to a variety of research projects such as exploring neurofeedback in autism and investigating vitamin D in multiple sclerosis, the topic of my honors thesis. I have also studied MS in a clinical setting through my internship while studying abroad in Madrid. Another one of my passions is health and human rights (my clandestine concentration you could say). On campus, I am a member of Amnesty International and STAND, and I have traveled to Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala to research and promote health care in underserved populations. After graduating, I plan to take a gap year before I continue on to med school. Come by the SA office anytime to talk to me about declaring, research, studying abroad, human rights advocacy or many less serious topics like my love for breakfast food and the Spanish soccer team. I cannot wait to meet all my fellow Humbiologists and help you navigate this awesome major.