Student Advisors

Hi everyone! My name is Noah Magbual (he/him), and I’m excited to be one of your SAs this year! I know this upcoming year holds a lot of uncertainty, but I’ll try my best to make sure HumBio is still an amazing experience for you. I am a senior from Maui, Hawaii and my HumBio concentration is on Health and Social Policy Effects on Development. The major has really allowed me to better understand the role that healthcare policy, reform, and social justice play in determining health outcomes. As a pre-med student, I hope to take the tools I’ve learned from my classes into the healthcare system as an aspiring doctor and patient advocate.  

Outside of academics, I love to dance with Stanford’s urban dance group Alliance and hopping around with Stanford Jump Rope. I’m a recruitment chair and volunteer with Arbor Free Clinics, working toward inclusionary recruitment practices to better represent and serve medically underserved communities in Bay Area. I was an RA in Otero last year where I had the wonderful opportunity of helping frosh settle in and build a community at Stanford. I’m also a part of Camp Kesem, a year round community for kids whose parent(s) have been affected by cancer. I’ve worked on research projects all the way from mitigating the effects of foreign body reaction in implants to compiling data on the ways social policies impact marginalized communities. Hit me up if any of this sounds interesting or if you wanna vibe over anime, songs from 2000-2010, or tik tok dances. 

Hi everyone! My name is Bri (she/her) and I am so stoked to be one of your SAs this year! I'm a senior from Dallas, Texas, but I consider myself a Floridian at heart. Being a dedicated(ish) pre-med, I thought I would major in biology or chemistry, but after taking the core and seeing all the fascinating topics covered in HumBio, I was hooked. I'm concentrating in the neurological basis of disease, which has given me a deeper understanding of neuroscience and how neurological malfunctions lead to illness. Tying into this theme, I'll be doing an honors thesis examining the clinical characteristics of different neuro-inflammatory diseases. In the not so distant future, I hope to become pediatric neurologist that specializes in making kiddos feel better. 

Outside of HumBio, I love to dance with DV8 or take class in Roble Arts Gym. I'm even considering dancing professionally for a while after I graduate! I'm really passionate about mentoring and helping others, so I'm involved with The Phoenix Scholars mentorship program, as well as staffing on campus and being a HumBio tutor! After attending HB-Rex, I fell in the love with the Stanford PANS lab, so I spend a lot of time working there as well. In my free time, I like going to TAP for cajun fries, watching Rick and Morty, and binging poor quality Netflix shows. I cannot wait to spend time with you all (virtually) and help you find your place in this amazing community! 

Hi HumBio!! My name is Geeta (she/her) and I'm a senior from Saint Paul, Minnesota! I'm super excited to be an SA this year and meet all of you! My concentration in HumBio is "Exploring Health Disparities through a Big Data Lens." I love that HumBio gives us the flexibility to combine multiple interests into one major - my concentration has enabled me to take classes across public health, health policy, and data science fields. I'm also pursuing an honors thesis in HumBio, using health data to explore patterns of health disparities. Ultimately, I hope to become a physician-scientist who works with under-served communities and conducts research to advance health equity. 

Outside of HumBio, I love dancing! I served as captain of Stanford's competitive Indian dance team, Basmati Raas, and I'm a Bollywood dance teacher. I also conduct research on campus regarding health disparities, and am excited to serve as President of Stanford Women in Medicine (SWIM) this year! During the summers, I enjoy working as a scribe at a trauma center and volunteering in the ER. Two of my greatest passions in life are coffee and chocolate!! I would love to chat with you about your interests and help you find a place within our wonderful HumBio community! Super excited to work with you! 🙂 

Hey HumBio! My name is Allison, and I’m so pumped to be one of your SAs this year! I am a senior who grew up in Amsterdam, and my concentration is in Comparative Health Policy. I ended up in HumBio after realizing that I wanted to learn more about economics and healthcare systems before I (hopefully) go to medical school. HumBio gave me the flexibility to do this and explore new areas, where I discovered my love for sports medicine - which inspired my dream to be a team doctor one day! 

Outside of academics, I am a director for the King International Development Association, and before we were social distancing, I was a swim instructor for children with special needs, an executive member of the Stanford Undergraduate Research Association, and a 6th Man Ambassador for the men’s basketball team. I’m currently training to be an EMT, and this fall you can find me in Atlanta doing remote classes as well as interning in sports medicine for the Atlanta Falcons. In the past, I’ve been a research assistant at the medical school and a math tutor for Preschool Counts. In my free time, I love to paint by numbers, watch sports, and learn to cook new things. Stop by my Zoom office to say hi, and I’m so excited to meet you! 

Hi Humbio friends! my name is Anika (she/her) and I am stoked to be an SA for Stanford’s best department! I am from San Jose, CA and have lived in the Bay Area bubble my entire life. My area of concentration is Genetic Dysregulation & Disease, which has allowed me to explore the spectrum of disease: from neurodegenerative disorders and psychiatric conditions, to cancer. This Winter, I will be TA-ing Cancer Epidemiology and I hope to see some of you there!  

Beyond Humbio, I am also a Peer Advisor at the Haas Center, which has become one of my second homes at Stanford. I had the pleasure of living and staffing in Branner, the service-themed dorm, for two years. If you have any questions related to community service opportunities, I would be happy to help! I have been involved in emergency department volunteering with SCOPE, health education through HELP4Kids, and peer counseling at the Bridge. I am particularly passionate about mental health research and advocacy, which led me to intern with the Stanford Metabolic Psychiatry lab and establish an Eating Disorder support group at CAPS. Last spring, I took a gap quarter to work at a mental health tech startup, and was fascinated by the intersections of healthcare and business. This is a space I hope to further explore before eventually pursuing a career as a physician. In my spare time, catch me whipping up yummy pastries, watching the Food Network, or hiking outside!  

Hello everybody! My name is Jira Smith (she/her), and I am a senior from just outside of Atlanta, GA. I absolutely love the Human Biology major, and I very excited to be one of your SA’s this year! Entering as a freshman, I was super unsure about the path that I wanted to take; I just knew I wanted to find a way to impact communities in need.  Luckily, I found Humbio which has allowed me to combine the issues I am passionate about into a concentration studying “Healthcare Disparities Through the Lens of Policy and Economics”.  I am so grateful that Humbio has allowed me to gain an understanding of a lot of issues in the healthcare industry as well as equipped me with tools to think through novel solutions. I hope as an SA this year, I can help you find classes and a concentration you’re really passionate about as well! 

Outside of academics (or the time of a pandemic), I’ve been really involved with a non-profit called Coaching Corps in which I’ve worked in underserved areas around Stanford to coach children in sports. My work with Coaching Corps to bring sports to kids who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to play has been a super meaningful part of my time at Stanford! Additionally, I’ve been a part of the Women’s Club Basketball team and Stanford BSU. In my free time, I like to read fantasy novels, watch trashy rom-coms, and go on runs! Please feel free to stop by my office hours or reach out any time to chat — I am very excited to meet all of you!