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Student Advisors

Hello, HumBio! My name is Nicole, and I am so excited to be an SA this year. From taking classes in the major to living in Storey this year, I have gotten the "full HumBio experience," one that I am excited to share with all of you! I am originally from Fremont, CA, a suburb right across the Dumbarton Bridge. My HumBio Area of Concentration is Public Health Systems and Interventions, but I also have loved exploring topics in areas including epidemiology, health policy, virology, and more! On campus, I am very involved with Sanskriti, the undergraduate South Asian association, was an RA in Roble last year, and have conducted research both in labs at the medical school as well as field research in rural India through the Stanford India Health Policy Initiative. I also love volunteering and teaching science labs at the hospital school at Lucile Packard Hospital School. After Stanford, I plan to pursue medical school and am happy to answer any questions about being HumBio and pre-med! Swing by the SA office to talk about anything related to majoring in HumBio or some less relevant things, like my amateur attempts to become a runner or my adventures visiting all the boba places around Stanford. I am so excited to help you all along your HumBio journey!

Hi HumBio! My name is Hannah, and I’m a senior from a small town called Lincolnshire, IL. I’m pumped to be a Student Advisor and get to know some of the coolest people on campus. I’ve always been interested in chronic diseases and how families and individuals deal with these diseases over the course of a lifetime – but I’ve learned that this process can look completely different from culture to culture. My Area of Concentration is Cross Cultural Studies of Chronic Diseases, which has led me to take all sorts of classes on cancer, global health, cross cultural medicine, and psychology, as well as work as a research assistant to a pediatric oncologist at LPCH. I also spent a summer working in a rural community of St. Lucia, South Africa, helping lead women’s support groups and HIV education classes (my HumBio internship!). My dream is to become a doctor (TBD which type), so if you have pre-med questions, feel free to ask me anything! Outside of HumBio, I am the CM in Casa Italiana this year, am on Dance Marathon Exec, played Club Volleyball for a couple years, was an RA in Burbank last year, and volunteer with an organization called Young Life. I also enjoy binge-watching ‘Gilmore Girls’, backpacking, taking unnecessary naps, and eating really good food. Come stop by the SA office and hang with me, I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Hey HumBio! My name is Julia Menzies and I’m so excited to be an SA for Stanford’s coolest major! Admittedly, I’m a little biased. I’m a senior, originally from Annapolis, Maryland, and I chose HumBio because of its flexibility in choosing a concentration, and its natural blend of biological and social sciences. My Area of Concentration is The Science of Brain and Behavior during Development, so if you have questions about any of those topics, and particularly the Neuroscience classes offered at Stanford, I’d love to answer them. In addition to classes related to my A/C, I’ve also really enjoyed learning about genetics, women’s health, and healthcare policy through Human Biology’s variety of courses. I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to conduct research through the Neurology Dept. of the Medical School, and most recently in the Systems Neuroscience and Pain Research Lab. After Stanford, I intend to take a few years to continue my research before hopefully going to medical school. Besides HumBio, I’m also minoring in French, which led me to study abroad in Paris – a Stanford experience I highly recommend. I’ve also enjoyed playing violin with the Stanford Symphony Orchestra, and spending time outdoors on our beautiful campus. I’m really looking forward to helping potential HumBio majors construct their own version of this awesome major!

Hi there! My name is Tim and I am a senior majoring in HumBio with a minor in Classics. I grew up in South Africa and Zambia before coming to Stanford. I love working with children and have a passion for international healthcare work. Accordingly, my concentration is Global Child Health, which has led me to take all kinds of exciting classes focusing on pediatrics and public health, as well as work in an allergy lab in the Med School for the past year. Besides HumBio, I enjoy keeping busy with different student groups and communities. Last year, I spent most of my time as an RA in Otero! I’ve also been a part of Gaieties, the Stanford Shakespeare Company, Kids With Dreams, Pacific Free Clinic, and Stanford Sierra Camp. After undergrad, I will be pursuing a master’s in Community Health and Prevention Research here at Stanford. When I’m not at a meeting or in class, I love going for a swim, eating Pop-Tarts, or watching The Office. Stop by to chat about awesome classes, advisors, and more. Can’t wait!


Hello everyone! My name is Nicole (Syder) and I am a senior double majoring in Human Biology and African and African-American Studies. I’m originally from Houston, Texas, where everything is bigger! I’m pre-med and I’m also the PHE (Peer Health Educator) in FroSoCo (Freshman-Sophomore College) this year. My Area of Concentration within Humbio is The Determinants of Global Public Health; I am very interested in disease that transcends national borders. I actually did my Humbio internship while I was abroad in Capetown, South Africa. I worked with an emergency first aid medicine organization and had the incredible opportunity to view the nuances of health on a different continent.  I love that with Humbio, I can literally craft my major based on what I am passionate about. Within the past few years, I have received my certification as an EMT through Stanford, done research at the Hagey Lab for Pediatric Regenerative Medicine, and sung in Talisman, one of the many a-capella groups here on campus. After I graduate, I hope to attend medical school and pursue my dream of striving to reduce health disparities and working primarily in poor communities of color. I’m so excited to meet you all and help you mold this great major into what you want!

Hi there! I'm Kami and I'm from Oakland, CA (aka the better side of the bay!). I'm a Senior here at Stanford and I have absolutely loved studying humbio the past few years. My concentration is the Role of Media on Adolescent Development, an area I arrived at in a somewhat roundabout fashion. I entered the core fairly certain that I wanted to study adolescent psychology, but when it came time to declare, I wasn't satisfied with the suggested courses online. When I took a step back, I realized that I also loved media studies and communications, so I ended up combining those interests to create my own course of study. I love humbio for encouraging me to follow both of my passions! After I declared, I spent the majority of my Junior Year abroad. That summer, I completed my humbio internship in Mauritius. Then I spent fall and winter quarters studying in Santiago and Paris. Definitely come talk to me about studying abroad as a humbio major! I am thrilled to be back and more involved than ever in the humbio department. Please come by with any questions--I look forward to meeting you!