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Student Advisors

photo of Ria
Hello, Humans of Humbio! My name is Ria and I'm a senior born and raised in Guyana. I'm so excited to serve as an SA this year! My area of concentration is "Infectious Diseases and Global Health", and I have taken classes such as Human Physiology that describe specifically how our immune system works and Global Child Health that speaks broadly as to how socioeconomic conditions affect the health status of the world's population. It's my goal to one day serve as a physician within a global health capacity to inflict meaningful change in the healthcare systems of underserved communities.
Outside of Humbio, I play on the Stanford Women's Rugby team, volunteer at Arbor Free Clinic, help plan social events centered on food and dancing with the Caribbean Students Association and serve as a preceptor and TA within the Leland Scholars Program. I found ways to integrate Humbio into my experience studying abroad at Oxford and even my fondness for weight training into my HB-Rex experience by working on the exercise physiology projects in the Heller Lab. Finally, I'm living in Storey this year, which is the self-op that allows Humbio majors to pre-assign. I'm excited to guide your academic planning and to help you find others ways that this amazing major can support your interests outside of the classroom. But, I'm most excited to get to know you, so feel free to stop by the SA office anytime!
Photo of Vicky
Hi HumBio! I'm a senior from Corona, CA, and I'm super excited to be one of your SA's this year. In my time here on campus, I've found the flexibility for curiosity in the Human Biology Program very rewarding. My area of concentration is Global Child Health, and so I've had the pleasure of taking classes that range from topics of policy to public health to epidemiology. The intersections of my academic interests really came together with my experiences during an internship with a global health consulting firm in DC with Stanford in Washington. In addition, I've spent a good chunk of my Stanford experience learning the in's and out's of in vivo research in the Sage Lab. My research experience has dived right into cancer biology, and HumBio has provided the opportunity for me to deeply reflect and communicate my journey through writing a thesis. It's possible, come to talk to me if you're at all interested. 
Outside of classes, I spend my time talking about ancient scripture with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, interpreting Vietnamese in the Santa Clara Emergency Department, and playing around with middle schoolers in EPA. I also peer coordinate and advise for the Community Service Work Study program at the Haas Center for Public Service. In my free time, I enjoy doing Blogilates in the privacy of my room, running, and excessively watching TV! I can also be found at pho restaurants, or pretending to swim in the ocean with a wetsuit!
photo of Francesca
Hey, HumBio! My name is Francesca, and I’m a senior from Ann Arbor, Michigan. When I stumbled into the HumBio Core as a sophomore linguistics major hoping to knock out a science requirement, I wasn’t expecting to find my intellectual home at Stanford. To my surprise, I quickly found myself falling in love with the HumBio department’s flexibility, interdisciplinary nature, and commitment to helping its students grow and thrive. My HumBio concentration is “Social Determinants of Population Health,” which has allowed me to both develop my longtime interest in social policy and push my intellectual boundaries with coursework in physiology, psychology, and public health. As an SA, I’m looking forward to helping you find your place in this welcoming, fascinating community!
HumBio has pushed me to grow as a student, scholar, and steward of human well-being. I’ve worked as a research assistant in two on-campus developmental psychology labs, and I am also in the process of conducting honors research on the parenting styles of formerly incarcerated women. Please feel free to ask me about getting involved in research on campus - it’s been one of the most rewarding parts of my Stanford experience! Outside my HumBio major, I am pursuing minors in East Asian Studies and Italian. I help run a conversation group for Mandarin speakers and an academic forum for China-focused dialogue, work as a VPTL tutor for the HumBio core, co-teach a criminal law course for local youth in the juvenile justice system, and intern at a social services center for formerly incarcerated people. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time in San Jose, supporting on-campus theater, salsa dancing, and scouring Google Flights for cheap airfare to faraway places. Come chat with me - I’m looking forward to meeting you and navigating the complex, fascinating journey of studying HumBio (or being a Stanford student in general!) together.
Photo of Sophie
Hey HumBio! My name is Sophie, and I’m really looking forward to being a Student Advisor this year. I’m a senior from Brisbane, Australia, and have really valued my time in the HumBio community. Although I am pre-med, my HumBio concentration focuses on biosecurity, bioterrorism and human physiology and I’m also pursuing a minor in BioEthics through the Ethics and Society department. This combination has led to me taking a number of really interesting classes - from foundational ethical theory and bioethics classes, to surgical anatomy courses.
Outside of HumBio I work as an Assistant Editor for the American Journal of Bioethics, a tutor for HSSI and have previously completed a year of research through the med school as part of my HB-REX grant! In my free time I like to hike, read and continue my ongoing search for good coffee in the States. Feel free to stop by the SA office to chat with me, I can’t wait to meet all of you!"
photo of Ariel
Hello there humbio! My name is Ariel, and I am super excited to be one of your SAs this year. I am a Senior, born and raised in San Francisco, CA. I am on the pre-med track, with a concentration in Developmental Psychology and Disabilities. I've always been very interested in working with individuals with disabilities and their families, and Humbio has been the perfect major to mesh together my interest in that population and health in general. I am also pursuing a minor in Education, and my second dream career is to be an elementary school teacher. 
Outside of Humbio, I am a tour guide, a member of the Senior Class Cabinet, a research assistant in a child psych lab, and a volunteer at Lucille Packard Hospital. In my spare time, I love to read trashy romance novels, to watch "Friends", and to eat noodles. Come by the SA office and say hi!
photo of Edric
Hi! My name’s Edric, and I’m a senior from Indianapolis, Indiana. As a Student Advisor, I’m really looking forward to meeting and helping you navigate HumBio this year! One of my favorite aspects of HumBio is how it encourages you to explore your interests and really run with your passions. Understanding transnational connections and the intricacies of improving access to healthcare excites me, and eventually led me to a concentration in “Global Health Systems.” It took me a long time to figure it out and to declare HumBio, so feel free to talk to me if you feel you’re interested in lots of different fields and want to work through them together.
Along with being an SA this year, I am also excited to be directing Stanford Talisman, serving as the RCC in Haus Mitteleuropa, and volunteering as a Spanish interpreter at the Arbor Free Clinic. In my time at Stanford, I’ve also had the pleasure of acting, producing, and educating myself with the Asian American Theater Project. Just for funsies, I love watching theater, eating ice-cream, and occasionally going for a run or swim. See you at the HumBio SA office!