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Health-Related Public Service

The Program in Human Biology fosters a culture of public service, encouraging students to discover and pursue diverse opportunities aligned with their individual interests. 

There are myriad of opportunities for students to engage in health-related public service work, both during their undergraduate studies and beyond into post-graduate pursuits. 

During the School Year
  • Cardinal Courses: Classes that integrate coursework with service experiences by engaging in projects and partnerships in the community over the course of the quarter.
    • Featured Cardinal Courses:
      • OSPGEN 259: Community Health in Oaxaca (Summer Quarter)
      • HUMBIO 122H: Social and Environmental Determinants of Health (Winter Quarter)
      • HUMBIO 128U: Upstreaming Health (Spring Quarter)
  • Community Engaged Research
    • Preparatory Coursework in Community-Based Research: Prepares students who are looking to apply for summer funding opportunities for community-based research such as Cardinal Quarter, Chappell Lougee Scholarships, and Major Grants.
      • URBANST 123A / CSRE 146A: Designing Research for Social Justice (Winter Quarter)
      • URBANST 123B / CSRE 146B: Approaching Research in the Community - Design and Methods (Spring Quarter)
    • Community Engaged Scholars Program: For students undertaking honors or masters these that are community engaged and designed to have public impact.
  • Jane Stanford Fellowship: For undergraduates who are designing and implementing a service experience during the fall, winter or spring quarter. Students propose their own placements.
  • Cardinal Commitment: For students who engage with community-members to address a problem or need for at least three quarters.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
Summer Fellowships for Undergraduates
Post-Graduate Opportunities
Job Boards for Students Interested in Finding Internships or Full-Time Jobs