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Honors Research

The honors program in Human Biology provides qualified majors the opportunity to work closely with faculty on an individual research project, culminating in an honors thesis. Students may begin honors research from a number of starting points including topics introduced in the core or upper-division courses; independent interests stemming from an internship experience; or collaborating with faculty from the natural, social, or behavioral sciences.

Students may apply to the honors program if they have completed the Human Biology core with a minimum GPA of 3.0, have an overall Stanford GPA of 3.2, and meet other requirements detailed in the honors handbook. Interested students should consult the Human Biology Honors Handbook and meet with the Human Biology Associate Director or student services office. Current honors students can find the most up-to-date information on the honors Canvas site.

Admission to the honors program is by submission of an intention to undertake honors research in early February of the Junior Year, followed by the Part B application, due March 1st of the junior year. Students planning to undertake honors begin research or preparation as early as completion of the sophomore year.

Honors students should plan to enroll in HumBio 193 during the Autumn and Winter quarter of Senior year. Honors students should plan to enroll in HumBio 194 during the Spring quarter of Senior year. The honors thesis is normally completed by the middle of Spring Quarter of the senior year. Honors students then present summaries of their research at the Human Biology Honors Poster Symposium in May. View the anticipated deadlines and dates through 2029 here.

Human Biology also holds a Summer Honors College just prior to Autumn Quarter each year for students who have applied to the honors program. Students apply to Summer Honors College in April of the junior year. For applications, contact humbioadvising [at] (HumBio Student Services).