HumBio Opportunities

Human Biology offers an interdisciplinary approach to understanding human beings from biological, behavioral, social, and cultural perspectives.

Science Communication

Because Human Biology is an interdisciplinary program with an emphasis on both empirical inquiry and applied knowledge, excellent communication skills are critical to majors.

Data Literacy

Data in the social and biological sciences are used to make observations and judgments regarding patterns of human behavior and function. These data are sometimes imperfect or incomplete, but are used nevertheless to make decisions and policies. 

Scientific Literacy

Human Biology students learn to critically evaluate evidence in support of claims and write for a range of audiences, from peer-reviewed research journals to more popular science journalism.


The Human Biology Capstone gives students a chance to reflect upon their undergraduate career alongside their broader interests and values. 

All of our HumBio courses are planned on being taught remotely this fall. Pending a dramatic improvement in the overall pandemic situation that leads Stanford to change its policies around in-person instruction, this will likely be true for the duration of the 2020-21 academic year. More details regarding the HumBio Core can be found here:

HumBio Core Offerings for Academic Year 20-21.

The Program in Human Biology team continues to operate in a virtual format and is available via email, phone, and social media. Health and safety updates will be posted to Stanford University's health alerts page as they unfold.


Director's Message

Dear HumBio Students, Faculty and Friends,

I hope that you are all healthy and well - and that your families and friends are too.

Here we are at the start of a new academic year, one that will truly be like no other. Here in Human Biology, all of our classes will be online for the Autumn Quarter. Many of our faculty have been regular attendees at the Stanford summer workshops aimed at optimizing online instruction in order to get ready for our autumn classes. Instructors’ goals are to deliver excellent courses, to ensure a dynamic experience within the online format, and to help students to build communities within classes. I imagine that students’ goals are to learn as much as possible in this online format and to continue building their friendships while trying to avoid zoom fatigue and missing campus. This is going to be another challenging academic year, but I know, without a doubt, that we can all do it together.

The Program in Human Biology staff continues to operate in a virtual format and we are available via email, phone, and social media. As always, please feel free to reach out to any member of the Human Biology team, myself included - we’re always happy to talk with you.

I am thinking of you all and wishing you continued safety and good health.

Lianne Kurina, PhD Bing Director, Program in Human Biology



Congratulations to Brandon Bergsneider '20, Christopher LeBoa '20, Emily Luo '20, and Robyn Radecki '20, who were all awarded Fulbright Grants for
A huge congratulations to Walter Sobba '20, Laura Jonsson '20, and Cameron Nosrat '20 who were recipients of the 2020 Firestone Golden Medals.
The annual HumBio Awards Ceremony brought the community together to honor a group of stellar juniors and seniors.


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