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Xochilt Lorenzo

Student Advisors
Xocilt Lorenzo smiles at camera standing in Stanford Arcade

Hello everyone! My name is Xochilt (pronounced so-chee) (she/her). I come from Palmdale, CA, and I'm a FLI (first-gen/low-income) senior with a concentration in  Healthcare Advocacy and Policy for Marginalized Communities. My passion lies in expanding healthcare policies and resources to historically underserved populations in medicine. One of the reasons I chose to study HumBio is its interdisciplinary nature, which allows me to explore all my interests. After my time here at Stanford, I'm planning to attend graduate school to pursue a Master's in Public Health, with a concentration in Health Policy, and then proceed to Medical School.

Outside of HumBio, I'm thrilled to continue volunteering at Cardinal Free Clinics, where I serve as a Spanish Interpreter Coordinator. Additionally, I am President of Stanford's first and only Indigenous Latine VSO. In my free time, you'll find me going to concerts, collecting vinyl records, sipping iced matcha lattes, and applying lip gloss.

I'm eager to get to know all of you better and learn about your interests too! <3