Advising & Declaring

The Human Biology Advising team consists of Samantha Cooper, Jesse Calderon, Katherine Preston and peer student advisors.

Currently, all of our HumBio courses are planned on being taught remotely. Pending a dramatic improvement in the overall pandemic situation that leads Stanford to change its policies around in-person instruction, this will likely be true for the duration of the 2020-21 academic year. 

SFACT Course of Study Design Tool

Important Deadlines


  • November 20th - 2nd approval by an SA for Juniors
  • December 1st  - final approval by Student Services for Juniors
  • May 1st - first approval by an SA for Sophomores
  • June 1st - second approval by an SA for Sophomores


  • October 1st - Capstone option indicated in SFACT for Seniors

  • November 1st - Degree Progress Check for students conferring in Autumn or Winter quarters

  • March 5th - Degree Progress Check for students conferring in Spring or Summer quarters
    (note: there are individual deadlines based on alphabetical order)

  • Application to Graduate - refer to Registrar's Office deadlines


Course of Study Changes

Changing Courses

  • Meet with an SA or the Student Services staff to discuss changes to your course of study (COS).
  • Update SFACT with agreed upon change(s). 
  • If needed, upload an addendum to SFACT for review by Student Services staff. 
  • Student Services will review your changes and addendum. If no further changes are required, the new COS will be approved in SFACT.

Writing an Addendum

  • Required with more than one change to the Depth courses from your original COS.

  • Add a paragraph to the bottom of your original Cornerstone Essay justifying the added courses that need approval.
  • Upload the addendum to SFACT. E-mail Student Services if they have already reviewed your COS and requested the addendum from you. 

Changing Area of Concentration

If you decide to revise your entire Area of Concentration, you must discuss these changes with an SA before you begin taking the classes. After the SA approves the new Area of Concentration, you must rewrite your Cornerstone Essay to reflect this revision and submit it for SA approval. Then, set up an appointment with your Faculty Advisor to discuss the changes and show them your new Cornerstone Essay. Your Faculty Advisor may have additional suggestions that would enhance your COS. Depending on the scope of the changes, you may want to consider searching for additional mentors in your new concentration or even officially switching to a Faculty Advisor who is an expert in your new area. Finally, upload your new Cornerstone Essay to SFACT and schedule a meeting with Student Services

HumBio Advising

Peer student advisor office hours are available for students who have the following requests:

  • Course of Study 1st or 2nd approvals

  • Course of Study changes

  • Faculty advisors recommendations

  • Capstone option recommendations

  • Assistance with designing a Course of Study

  • Course recommendations & suggestions

  • Questions about the HumBio degree options

For all other questions related to HumBio, Student Services staff are available to meet with students. Schedule a meeting with Samantha or Jesse using the office hours links. 

    HumBio Student Advising Office Hours

    Our student advisors are available during office hours. 
    You may also contact our HumBio SAs via email at

    How to sign-up for Office Hours

    1. Check the schedule (below).
    2. Sign-up by adding your name or initials to the Google sheet here.
      You must be signed in using your Stanford account. 
    3. An SA will add their Zoom link next to your name when they are available to meet with you. 
    4. Click on the link to start the Zoom call.