HumBio Founders (from left to right, top: Sandy Dornbusch, Paul Ehrlich, David Hamburg, Al Hastorf, bottom: Don Kennedy, Norm Kretchmer, Josh Lederberg, Colin Pittendrigh)

Nearly 50 years ago, the Program in Human Biology was founded during a turbulent time of social and political unrest, not unlike the climate we now face today. Visionary thinkers came together with the common goal of creating an interdisciplinary education program that prepared students to face the challenges of the modern world. Over the years, Human Biology has amassed an interesting history. Our program has continued to evolve and develop to train students to become innovative thinkers, to challenge the status quo, and to advocate for society’s needs. 

Among the treasured founding staff from 1972-1975 were Tibby Simon, Dolly Madden, Talley Kenyon and Sophie Alway.

HumBio's Founding Fathers (from left to right, top to bottom):

  • Sandy Dornbusch: was the Reed-Hodgson Professor in Human Biology, and Professor of Sociology
  • Paul Ehrlich: Bing Professor of Population Studies, Emeritus
  • David Hamburg, M.D.: was the Reed-Hodgson Professor in Human Biology, Emeritus, and Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emeritus
  • Al Hastorf: was a Professor of Psychology
  • Don Kennedy: was the President Emeritus of Stanford University, and Bing Professor of Environmental Science, Emeritus
  • Norm Kretchmer: was a Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus
  • Joshua Lederberg: was a Professor of Genetics, Emeritus
  • Colin Pittendrigh: was the Harold A. Miller Professor, Emeritus of Biology

Learn more about the inception of this popular program in panels and interviews with the founders and long-time faculty, the 30th history book, and our HumBio TAs/CAs Wall of Fame below. 


1971-2001 report cover

1971-2001: The First 30 Years

Wall of Fame: SAs and CAs

Tribute to Don Kennedy

A Tribute to Don Kennedy 1931-2020

When we relayed the news of Don's  death to the HumBio community, there was an immediate outpouring of both sadness and many wonderful memories of Don.

We therefore decided to assemble these reflections into a book as a collective tribute to commemorate the extraordinary Professor Don Kennedy.