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50 years ago, the Program in Human Biology was founded amidst a turbulent time of social and political unrest. A group of visionary thinkers came together with the common goal of creating an interdisciplinary education program to prepare students to face the challenges of the modern world.

One of the first interdisciplinary program of its kind, Human Biology set out to provide exposure to and training across multiple disciplines to develop student's abilities to think creatively and effectively about the problems facing humanity. The importance of this mission remains undiminished as our world grows ever more complex and interconnected.

Collage of Founding Faculty and Leadership

The Creation of HumBio

Learn about the inception of HumBio in these interviews with the founders and long-time faculty.

40th anniversary founders & leaders panel

Stanford Historical Society: 40th Anniversary Panel

Dive into HumBio's rich history with this panel of HumBio founders and long-time faculty in honor of HumBio's 40th in 2011.

Collage of Core Faculty Teaching in the 1980s

80s Core Lectures

Listen to HumBio Core lectures from the 80s taught by some of the founders and long-time faculty. 

Teaching assistant in front of a chalkboard

HumBio Wall of Fame: SAs and CAs

A list of the program's student advisors (SAs) and core teaching assistants/core course associates (CAs) over the years.