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How to Apply

Note: an approved Capstone Synthesis Project will be given strong consideration.

  1. You should be a declared Human Biology major.
  2. Download and complete this Project Overview and Itemized Budget form.
  3. Save file as BINGHAM_LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME.pdf. Upload the file to the Bingham application.
  4. A faculty reference is required. Meet with a faculty member to discuss your proposed project, so that (s)he/they will be familiar enough to comment on its novelty, feasibility, and probable success. Upon submission of the application, your faculty mentor will be e-mailed a request for a reference.  It is recommended that you alert your reference of the incoming request before submitting this application. For Synthesis projects, use Katherine Preston or your faculty mentor as your reference. 

We encourage you to meet and discuss your idea with Director Lianne Kurina or Associate Director Katherine Preston. Please email them at  lkurina [at] (lkurina[at]stanford[dot]edu) or kpreston [at] (kpreston[at]stanford[dot]edu). In the header indicate: Bingham Fund.

Click here if you are ready to apply