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Bingham Innovation Fund

The Bingham Foundation has generously provided funds (in the range of $100-$3000 per project) to support innovative student projects intended to benefit undergraduate education. Projects must be proposed by Human Biology majors, with special consideration given to students pursuing a Capstone Synthesis Project. These initiatives should be in education, outreach, or service. Projects might pertain to new courses or educational opportunities for students, conferences, publication activities, public service projects with educational components, or creative expression of ideas that grow from the Stanford experience considered broadly.

Please note: the Bingham fund is meant to support our majors in their innovative efforts; it is not intended to be used as supplemental funding for a larger effort involving other campus or outside organizations.

If you have a great project in mind that meets the requirements above, and which you could bring to life with a financial boost, visit:

Bingham Application Instructions

For other funding resources on campus, check out the Undergraduate Advising and Research (UAR), the Haas Center for Public Service, the Beagle II Award, and the Bechtel International Center.

View examples of past Bingham projects here.