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Human Biology Synthesis:  HUMBIO 192 (2-3 units per quarter for 6 units total, letter grade only) – Co-Requisite HUMBIO 191.  Expands upon the work of the Human Biology Practicum; (can also focus on a different aspect of the Area of Concentration).  Allows students the opportunity to craft a culminating, creative work of scholarship based on a synthesis of personal and academic interests, including service projects.  Exhibited during senior year.

Please apply through the appropriate class year portal below:

Synthesis application (Class of 2020)

Synthesis application (Class of 2019)

Students enroll in HUMBIO 192 over two or three quarters: 192A (Autumn), 192W (Winter), 192S (Spring).

Appropriate for Students who wish to expand their Area of Concentration through a creative project, to include mediums such as creative writing (non-fiction or fiction), and alternative media (visual art).

If you have any questions about the Human Biology Synthesis, please stop by the HumBio Hub (Bldg 20, Rm 21A) during office hours and talk to one of the Student Advisors. 

Note: some Synthesis projects could benefit from funding to help cover expenses that might be required to create the final product. We encourage students considering Synthesis projects to learn about and apply for support from the Bingham Innovation Fund:

Bingham Innovation Fund