Dr. Tanya Luhrmann Elected to the American Philosophical Society

Congratulations to Dr. Tanya Luhrmann who has been elected to the American Philosophical Society, the oldest learned society in the United States. 

Founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1743 for the purpose of “promoting useful knowledge,” the American Philosophical Society is composed of scholars from a wide variety of academic disciplines. and has played an important role in American cultural and intellectual life.

Dr. Luhrmann is the Albert Ray Lang Professor in the Department of Anthropology and a medical and psychological anthropologist and anthropologist of religion. In previous years, she has taught the upper-division course, Culture and Madness: Anthropological and Psychiatric Approaches to Mental Illness (Anthro 186/HumBio 146), where she explores how different societies construct the notions of "madness" throughout history and across cultures.

Read the full announcement in the Stanford Report here