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Honors Symposium and Senior Showcase

Date and Time: 
May 19, 2017 -
10:00am to 4:00pm

The 2017 Human Biology Honors and Synthesis Symposium

May 19

Paul Brest Hall, Stanford University

10:00 am - 3:30 pm


10:10 Melissa Eidman Still Reservations: Examining contributors to health on the Yurok Reservation readers Donald Barr, Gabriel Garcia, Sawar Young-Tripp, Jennifer Wolf
10:20 Mika Limcaoco Assessing the relationship between education and reproductive health knowledge and attitudes among lower-income Filipino eighth grade students readers Grant Miller, Prashant Loyalka
10:30 Maria Chicuen Behind the line: an exploration of immigrant workers in the U.S. food system Synthesis advisers Matt Rothe, Christopher Gardner
10:40 Christopher Rodriguez Learning to love myself: an exploration of the social reintegration process of gender-based violence survivors in suburban Peru readers Marcia Stefanick, Jennifer Wolf
10:50 Jade Verdeflor “Bahala na” leave it up to God?: Exploring Filipino American caregiver cultural values, mental health perceptions, and coping strategies readers Lisa Goldman-Rosas, Gabriel Garcia, Jennifer Wolf
11:00 Vanessa Ochavillo Work-story collaborative for migrant wellbeing Synthesis adviser Catherine Heaney
11:20 Michelle Chin Deactivation of the suprachiasmatic nucleus to restore learning and memory deficits in TS65Dn mice readers Craig Heller, Roel Nusse
11:30 Aheli Chattopadhyay A Novel molecular model for regulation of synapse formation readers Kang Shen, Roeland Nusse, Peri Kurshan
11:40 Daniel Lowet White matter correlates of suicide cognition in adolescents readers Ian Gotlib, Sarah Ordaz
11:50 Emily Nguyen Prevalence of psychotic symptoms in youth with pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome (PANS) and pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with streptococcal infections (PANDAS) readers Jennifer Frankovich, Joachim Hallmeyer
12:00 Jazzmin Williams Investigating genotype-phenotype correlation in Marfan syndrome: a novel approach assessing dominant negative vs.haploinsufficiency variants in the FBN1 gene readers David Liang, Michelle Monje-Deisseroth, Mitchel Pariani
12:10 Andy Meislin Senior Reflection in Biology Reflection advisers Sue McConnell, Andrew Todhunter
12:30 Nira Krasnow Developing a tractable system to study the effects of protein aggregation in cells readers Ron Kopito, Will Talbot
12:40 Malika Waschmann Investigating the role of mast cells and serum factors in modulating severity of anaphylaxis in an adjuvant-free peanut allergy mouse model readers Stephen Galli, William Talbot, Mindy Tsai
12:50 Maria Castro Quantitative Analysis of White Matter Tracts in Preterm and Full Term Children readers Heidi Feldman, Jeffrey Wine
1:00 Jenny Chen Assessing the impact of circadian clock misalignment on sleep architecture and socio-behavioral outcomes in individuals with autism spectrum disorder readers Ruth O'Hara, Paul Graham Fisher
1:10 Lunch    
2:00 Tamara Mekler Effects of bilingual exposure on inhibitory control and pragmatic inferences in children readers Michael C. Frank, Virginia Marchman
2:10 Helvia Taina The Influence of children’s vocal repetition during book reading on novel word learning readers Anne Fernald, Hyo Gweon
2:20 Julia Vazquez Caregivers as Teachers: Analysis of scaffolding among Latinx Spanish-speaking caregivers and their pre-school aged children readers Anne Fernald, Virginia Marchman
2:30 Johnny Xu The lived racial experiences of high school students of color readers Jennifer Wolf, Lisa Medoff, Paul Fisher
2:40 Natty Jumreornvong Will Work For Dignity: Assessing the role of a social enterprise on the wellbeing of disabled people in Thailand readers Donald Barr, Jennifer Wolf
3:00 Ashley Jowell Ethnic Identity, resilience, & well-being in a warming & developing region: a study of female Maasai migrants readers Catherine Heaney, Jennifer Wolf, Robert Siegel
3:10 Ali Gali Investigating mental healthcare inequity through the voices of black LGBTQ+ population living in the peripheries of Cape Town readers Catherine Heaney, Karli Cerankowski
3:20 Kinjal Vasavada Blood in the sand: lives lost in the fight for South Africa's rhinos Synthesis adviser Sue McConnell


Paul Brest Hall is part of the Munger complex near the Stanford Law School

Paul Brest Hall
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