Ali Maggioncalda '14, Founder & CEO of Lovewick

Graduation Year

Area of Concentration: Cultural Neuroscience

Ali the HumBiophile here! Through the experiences of the Core, living and staffing in Storey House, and being a B-side CA after graduation, I met incredible people and developed a worldview and skillset that has led me to my dream job today -- founding my own company that uses behavioral science to help couples (yea, dating, engaged, married!) grow and stay in love, without it feeling like "work". From HumBio courses (especially those cross-listed with Psych), I realized that there is a ton of academic literature that could help people live healthier and happier if "translated" from academic jargon into a more actionable, clear, and even fun product or service. So, I went to graduate school in London, got my MA in Service Design, moved back to Bay, and built Lovewick -- Couples App. We just launched in October 2020, and I'm so excited about what's to come!


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