Course Design


If you are creating a new syllabus or reorganizing an old one, feel free to use this sample syllabus to organize your course in a meaningful way for students. This syllabus includes the Stanford syllabus statements for Students with Documented Disabilities and Affordability of and Access to Course Materials.  

Sample Syllabus


HumBio courses should promote specific aspects of at least one of three broad capacities within the major (Communication, Data Analysis and Scientific Literacy): 

HumBio Capacities 

HumBio Core Topics

This chart outlines the learning goals and specific topics covered throughout each part of the HumBio core. You can use it as a resource to understand the skills and background knowledge of Human Biology students when designing an upper division course (Note: the core is a prerequisite for upper division courses). If you have questions about the organization or content of the HumBio core, please contact Annette Salmeen (asalmeen [at] (asalmeen[at]stanford[dot]edu)). 

HumBio Core Topics Overview

Course Classification, Adoption, and Renewal

Please refer to the following document to learn about HumBio course classification, TA allocation and course renewal processes: 

HumBio Classifications