Noah Magbual

Student Advisors
Noa Magbual Headshot

Hi everyone! My name is Noah Magbual (he/him), and I’m excited to be one of your SAs this year! I know this upcoming year holds a lot of uncertainty, but I’ll try my best to make sure HumBio is still an amazing experience for you. I am a senior from Maui, Hawaii and my HumBio concentration is on Health and Social Policy Effects on Development. The major has really allowed me to better understand the role that healthcare policy, reform, and social justice play in determining health outcomes. As a pre-med student, I hope to take the tools I’ve learned from my classes into the healthcare system as an aspiring doctor and patient advocate.  

Outside of academics, I love to dance with Stanford’s urban dance group Alliance and hopping around with Stanford Jump Rope. I’m a recruitment chair and volunteer with Arbor Free Clinics, working toward inclusionary recruitment practices to better represent and serve medically underserved communities in Bay Area. I was an RA in Otero last year where I had the wonderful opportunity of helping frosh settle in and build a community at Stanford. I’m also a part of Camp Kesem, a year round community for kids whose parent(s) have been affected by cancer. I’ve worked on research projects all the way from mitigating the effects of foreign body reaction in implants to compiling data on the ways social policies impact marginalized communities. Hit me up if any of this sounds interesting or if you wanna vibe over anime, songs from 2000-2010, or tik tok dances.