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Learn how to contribute to the Bill Durham Teaching Fund.

To make a gift to the Human Bio program, contact Denise Ellestad 650‐723‐0023

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What did you do with your HumBio major? What did you do during your year/s off before graduate school? Current HumBio majors would love to hear how you navigated your career path, and your unique perspectives in your area of expertise. If you live in the area or plan to be in the Bay Area in the coming year and would enjoy talking with students, please contact Samantha Cooper for more information (, or 650‐725‐0343)

Become a Mentor

Are you interested in reconnecting with HumBio? Consider sharing your life perspective and serving as a mentor to HumBio students! You can find out more about becoming a mentor and register at the Stanford Alumni Mentoring (SAM). Registration is open throughout the year at

Donate to the Bill Durham Teaching Fund

The Bill Durham Teaching Fund

Each gift to the Bill Durham Teaching Fund builds the endowment, boosting HumBio's ability to recruit the next generation of faculty, and support high quality teaching in Human Biology for years to come. When alumni reflect on the incredible teaching they experienced in Human Biology, Bill Durham's name always come up. He has become synonymous with Human Biology, captivating classroom instruction, and influential mentorship. Big thanks to all who contribute to this special fund, which will help keep HumBio the premier major at Stanford.