Susan Milam Miller '95, Child, Adolescent, and Family Psychiatry

Graduation Year

HumBio Area of Study: Gendered Perspectives on Human Development.
HumBio undoubtedly gave me the breadth and depth of study that helped launch me on my path to becoming a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. Dr. Ellen Porzig's class on Human Development inspired my honors thesis in the Medical Ethics area of prenatal sex-selection, and Dr. Bill Durham's ability to captivate our attention through the story of Lactose Intolerance remains with me to this day. Strangely, it was my non-HumBio roommate who diagnosed my personal lactose intolerance with her observation "Susan, you seem to have a stomachache every time we have fro yo..." Still lactose intolerant and still appreciating the complexitiies of genetics, environment, and the interactions in between these 21 years later. Thank you Human Biology.

Headshot of Susan Milam Miller