SA Application

This student work opportunity is for declared HumBio Juniors (rising Seniors) for the 2022-2023 academic year.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sunday, January 30, 2022 
Reference letter deadline: Sunday, February 6, 2022 
Interview Dates (in-person): Mid February; Week 7 & Week 8
Notification: Late February/Early March

Information sessions will be held for those interested in Building 20, Room 21A
Monday, January 24th 12:00-1:00PM & Wednesday, January 26th 2:00-3:00PM 

Training for those selected:
During Spring quarter, you will be expected to observe a minimum of 8 hours of office hours (in-person). Additional mandatory training with the Advising team will take place over the summer before the school year begins. 

How to apply?

  • Click the link at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions on Smartsheet
  • Upon submission of your application, your recommenders will receive an email asking them to respond to the following:
    *How long and in what context have you known the applicant?
    *Briefly description of the applicant's strengths and weaknesses.
    *How well suited is the applicant for this position? 
  • Recommenders should be 1) a faculty member who is familiar with you and 2) someone with whom you have worked closely in a preferably non-academic setting (i.e. committee member, extracurricular activity, etc.). Recommendations from peers will not be considered.

Thanks for your interest, if you have any questions please contact Samantha Cooper at

Job Description:

It is expected that Student Advisors will be spending 8-10 hours each week in the duties listed below:

  • Work with the team of Students Advisors to ensure that the advising office is open during weekdays to assist Human Biology Students in their declaration process. Student Advisors are the first contact for students declaring HumBio, and additionally maintain the office as an information clearinghouse for students with questions about courses, the Capstone requirement, advisors, and/or honors or any other topics pertaining to the Human Biology major.
  • Student Advisors are responsible as a group to assure that the services of the office are available at regular times to students and that student advice is available in the form of person to person contact, email, or phone.
  • Student Advisors will keep in contact with current faculty advisors on a regular basis and plan events to facilitate contact between advisors and their advisees or advisors and prospective advisees. 
  • Student Advisors will all attend weekly meetings with the Student Services team and Faculty Liaison for Advising.
  • Student Advisors plan, implement and evaluate important additional activities within the Human Biology Program, including but not limited to Declaration Workshops and any special events deemed appropriate. Student advisors may be asked to represent HumBio at res-ed or other events for undeclared students.
  • Student Advisors work collaboratively as part of the advising team and are responsible for sharing responsibilities equitably.

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