Vianna Vo (she/her)

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2021-22 CA: Vianna Vo

Welcome to HumBio! As you can imagine, we are all very excited to welcome you back to the classrooms on our beautiful campus. Through classes in the Core, I was able to explore the meaning of health and well-being, learning that there are many factors that impact one's health outside of the doctor's office. This led me to pursue a BA in Human Biology (with a concentration in Community Health and Health Care Policy) as well as a minor in Human Rights. The flexibility of HumBio allowed me to take a variety of courses, ranging from sociology, to psychology, to policy.

As an undergrad, I advocated for mental health policy and the disability community via my work as the Executive President of the ASSU. During COVID, I also had the opportunity to work as a Government Fellow for Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and helped analyze the County's PPE usage rates. In my free time, I enjoy photography, playing the drums with Stanford Taiko, and gaming on my PC. Feel free to reach out to me whether you have questions related to HumBio or campus life! I can't wait to meet you :)