Student Advisors 2022-23

The student advisors schedule is available on our Advising & Declaring page

Hi everyone! My name is Leah and I am so happy to be returning as an SA this year! I am a senior from Baltimore, MD, concentrating in Trauma and Health in Conflict and Refugee Settings. I chose to major in Humbio because it allowed me the flexibility to combine my interests in health and human rights, in addition to the unmatched faculty and other resources and opportunities. Thanks to HB-REX, I became a research assistant with the Stanford Project on Adaptation and Resilience in Kids, which introduced me to biomarkers of stress and epigenetics. Now, I am the undergraduate research coordinator for the Human Rights in Trauma and Mental Health lab, which has allowed me to work and see how different disciplines can work together to advocate for and improve health resources.

Outside of Humbio, I am excited to staff in BOB this year and continue volunteering as a Bridge to Care coordinator with Cardinal Free Clinics. Fun fact about me: I took a covid gap year and worked as a medical scribe and then spent two months working as a case manager for a torture treatment center. In my free time, I love to go to Izzy’s with friends, hike the dish, read historical fiction, and watch Schitt’s Creek. I can’t wait to see new and returning faces in the SA office this year!

Hi all! My name is Daylan, but I go by Day. I am a senior from New Mexico concentrating in Human Anatomy and Physiology with hopes of going to medical school. Being from a rural area, I am passionate about increasing access to healthcare in rural communities, and have enjoyed the flexibility HumBio offers in exploring these interests. In fact, this summer I had the opportunity to conduct qualitative research in my home community as part of an honors thesis in rural health!

Outside of HumBio, I am a part of the leadership team for Stanford’s Rural Engagement Network, I volunteer with Alzheimer’s Alliance, and I am the Education and Outreach Coordinator for a biotech company. I love new music, old sitcoms, and even older books. I’m looking forward to learning more about all of you!

Hi y’all!! Super excited to be one of your SAs for this academic year! I am a FLI (First-Gen and Low-Income) senior from Oxnard, CA, concentrating in Environmental Policy Effects on Child Development. As the daughter of two strawberry farmworkers from the Central Coast, I have experienced and seen the impact that environmental injustices and environmental policies have and continue to have on vulnerable, marginalized communities. Majoring in HumBio has given me the opportunity to take classes in different departments that help me pursue a career in public policy.

Outside of HumBio, I am a Spanish Interpreter at Cardinal Free Clinics and an RA at Casa Zapata for a second year. Thanks to HB-REX, I was able to join the Language Learning Lab for a summer and two quarters where I researched the language development skills of bilingual children in the San Jose area. This past summer, I was a policy intern at the Office of California Governor Gavin Newsom where I wrote policy memos and met with members of the Cabinet team and other California departments.

Hello! My name is Ashley, and I am so excited to be one of your SAs for the 2022-2023 school year! I am a senior from Las Vegas, Nevada, and a B.S. candidate with a concentration is Public Health and Epidemiology. I am passionate about studying disease and promoting health, so I am also coterming in Community Health and Prevention Research. I hope to pursue a career in global health and health policy, though the exact route I plan to take is still unclear. I am a huge proponent of HumBio because I love having the flexibility to create my own Area of Concentration and explore my many interdisciplinary interests! The dedicated faculty and unlimited opportunities are also a huge bonus— I’m convinced you can’t go wrong with being a HumBio major.

Outside of HumBio, I have spent the past few years working as a research assistant in Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg's ophthalmology lab. I spent one summer studying vision regeneration full-time thanks to HB-REX! I have also served as Community Engaged Learning Coordinator for the Stanford Technology Access Resource Team, taken medical Mandarin courses to volunteer as a healthcare interpreter, and helped organize INFODEMIC: A Stanford Conference on Social Media and COVID-19 Misinformation. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, live music, and traveling. I look forward to helping you navigate HumBio this coming year and am stoked to meet you all in office hours!

Hey there! My name is Brielle, and I look forward to meeting and working with you this year. I’m a senior from New Jersey focusing in Kinesiology and Biomedical Design. I have a passion for accessible design and treatment, human performance, sports, and solving problems, all of which I’ve been able to explore and pull together thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of the HumBio (the best!) major. After Stanford, I hope to further study the science of movement to better inform training practices and explore the possibility of exercise as a form of therapy and treatment.

Outside of HumBio, I serve as an RA in EVGR-A (floors 4 & 5) and a member of the alumni advisory board for the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance. I worked this summer conducting research investigating the effect of exercise on brain activity and cognition in teenagers with ADHD as part of my honors thesis. In my free time, I enjoy finding new forms of joyful movement, listening to music, and trying to get back into reading!