Student Advisors 2021-22

Hi everyone! My name is Leah and I am incredibly excited to be one of your SA’s this year! I am an academic junior/social senior (courtesy of a covid gap year!) from Baltimore, MD, concentrating in Trauma and Health in Conflict and Refugee Settings. I am also minoring in Middle Eastern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures on the Arabic track. I chose to major in Humbio because it allowed me the flexibility to combine my interests in health and human rights, in addition to the unmatched faculty and other resources and opportunities. I became a research assistant with the Stanford Project on Adaptation and Resilience in Kids through HB-REX and have since become interested in biomarkers of stress and their epigenetic implications. Like many people, I am not sure if I am pre-med, but I know that I want to work in the health sphere, focusing on refugee and asylee access to preferential, longitudinal care and medical forensic exams.

Outside of Humbio, I am pumped to be an RA in Meier this year! I also volunteer as a Bridge to Care coordinator with Cardinal Free Clinics and do research with the Human Rights in Trauma and Mental Health Laboratory. I spent my covid gap year working as a medical scribe and then spent two months working as a case manager for a torture treatment center. In my free time, I love to go to Izzy’s with friends, hike the dish, read historical fiction, and watch Schitt’s Creek. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa and I am so excited to be one of your SAs this year! I’m a senior from the northern Central Valley of California who came to Stanford expecting to major in biology (as a pre-med, I thought that was the only thing I could do). Luckily, my SNG frosh year, who is our amazing Core Course Coordinator, introduced me to HumBio, and I never looked back. I am concentrating on Cancer Biology, and learning tons about the cell cycle and what can and does go wrong in the development and treatment of cancer. At the same time, I am taking advantage of HumBio’s flexibility and taking classes on everything from Epidemiology to Health Disparities. I am hoping to become an oncologist (at least for now—I have a penchant for changing my mind) and helping support people through and beyond their disease.

Beyond our HumBio program, I am very passionate about mentorship and sharing stories with other people; because of this, I mentor through The Phoenix Scholars and Women and Youth Supporting Each Other. I am also an RA and work with 5-SURE on Foot (come say hi!). I have worked as a lab tech since my frosh year, feeding fish in a DevBio lab and forcing them to listen to my podcasts with me. When the pandemic started, I worked with SNAPL in doing some patient outreach as well. You can catch me walking around campus at all hours, migrating between the WCC and TAP, as well as rewatching all my favorite shows and reading every book I can. I am stoked to get to work with you all in the HumBio building and help you in any way I can!

Hey everyone! My name is Raushun and I’m a senior from Scottsdale, Arizona. I’m super excited to be one of your SAs this year! Like many of you, I’m sure, I was drawn to HumBio because it allowed me to explore a variety of subjects. Being pre-med, with other majors at other schools, I would have been restricted to taking classes purely in the hard sciences, but through HumBio, I’ve been able to learn the science of medicine as well as the societal context in which medicine is being practiced. And learning the context made me realize how much healthcare systems throughout the world need to be reformed, which informed my area of concentration, “The Role of Epidemiology and Technology in Combating Global Health Crises,” which I hope to use to eventually become a physician-scientist engaged in global health policy.

Outside of HumBio, I’m an editor for Intersect: The Stanford Journal of Science, Technology, and Society. I’ve served as a HumBio tutor and a mentor for High School Summer College, a program where high schoolers come to campus and take classes here. I’m involved with research on campus. I participated in HB-Rex the summer after my sophomore year, and currently, I’m working on developing novel long-read genome sequencing technology so that we can better understand the genetics behind disease causation. I’ve also performed research in industry, helping engineer new chemotherapies for prostate cancer treatment at Pfizer. In my free time, you can find me geeking out about history and maps. And I’ve basically seen every TV show ever (favorites include Bojack Horseman, Veep, and Parks and Rec). Definitely stop by the office so we can talk about shaping HumBio to fit your individual needs. Or just come say hi! Looking forward to meeting you all.

Hi everyone, my name is Carissa and I am absolutely thrilled to be one of your SAs this year! I am a senior and B.S. candidate (would love to chat if you are considering B.S. versus B.A.!) from the Bay Area. As an undeclared freshman originally considering an English major, taking the Human Biology core courses in my sophomore year helped me discover and solidify my passions for medicine and — more generally — helping others to the best of my ability. I am so grateful to the Human Biology program for encouraging a more flexible and interdisciplinary approach to the pre-medical path, and I am so excited to combine my interests in cellular biology and epidemiology through my concentration, “Exploring Cellular Biology through an Epidemiological Lens.” As cliche as this sounds, beyond medical school, I have no idea what the future has in store, but my research experiences thus far have definitely sparked my interest in cardiology!

Outside of class, I am a Desk Editor for The Stanford Daily’s Arts and Life section, a core member of Stanford Dragon Boat, a peer advisor for Stanford Global Studies, and the honorary mother to billions of iPS cells in the Sean Wu lab (and I love them all equally, of course!). During my freshman year summer, I interned with the Traditional Chinese Medicine department at Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital in Taiwan, so I am always interested i n learning more about cultural differences in the global health sphere. I am also an avid long-distance runner and hobby baker, and I could talk all day about anything from dough lamination to the best trails to run near campus. Feel free to stop by the office or shoot me an email anytime, and I am looking forward to a great year!

My name is Jen and I'm so excited to be one of your SAs this year! I am a senior from New York City and my HumBio concentration is in Global Public Health and Epidemiology. I'm also majoring in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity with a concentration in Health & Wellness and minoring in Humanities with a concentration in Music! In the past, I've TA'ed HumBio 88 and HumBio 163 (and can't recommend those classes more!). I am so grateful for HumBio and all of the amazing professors, peers, and opportunities that have enabled and encouraged me to explore my passions for health equity and harm reduction related to the opioid epidemic.

Outside of HumBio, I love to sing with my a cappella group, Stanford Talisman, and to go on walks around campus. I am a research assistant at the medical school looking at best practices to promote health equity in plastic surgery. I also helped start the Campus Opioid Overdose Prevention (COOP) Project with some other Stanford students. I'm sure that this year, like last year, will hold its own uncertainty and set of surprises, but I'm so excited to contribute to the warm and grounding community that HumBio has always been. I can't wait to get to know you, to help each of you find opportunities to explore your passions, and to welcome you into the ever-growing HumBio family tree!