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Welcome to HumBio, the most versatile program imaginable! I am so excited to work with you all, and so excited to watch you discover the wonders that the Core, and the major, have to offer. In my time as a HumBio student, I designed a concentration for myself focused on Disaster Public Health—tying together the epidemiology track with coursework on healthcare systems and climate change to study the risks that will shape our world in the future, and the health strategies needed to mitigate them. I pursued a B.S. in Human Biology, and also completed a B.A. in English, writing an English honors thesis on justice in Argentine literature, and a HumBio Synthesis on pandemic potential in the 21st century. While at Stanford, I competed in debate, coached debate and ran debate camps, worked with the SFDPH's Food Pharmacies program, and served as an editor for Stanford Politics. I spend my free time baking experimental recipes, hiking, writing fantasy, reading critical theory, and working with my high-school debaters. I loved it here in HumBio, and I hope you will too!