Raushun Kirtikar (he/him)

Student Advisors
Student Advisor Raushun Kirtikar

Hey everyone! My name is Raushun and I’m a senior from Scottsdale, Arizona. I’m super excited to be one of your SAs this year! Like many of you, I’m sure, I was drawn to HumBio because it allowed me to explore a variety of subjects. Being pre-med, with other majors at other schools, I would have been restricted to taking classes purely in the hard sciences, but through HumBio, I’ve been able to learn the science of medicine as well as the societal context in which medicine is being practiced. And learning the context made me realize how much healthcare systems throughout the world need to be reformed, which informed my area of concentration, “The Role of Epidemiology and Technology in Combating Global Health Crises,” which I hope to use to eventually become a physician-scientist engaged in global health policy.

Outside of HumBio, I’m an editor for Intersect: The Stanford Journal of Science, Technology, and Society. I’ve served as a HumBio tutor and a mentor for High School Summer College, a program where high schoolers come to campus and take classes here. I’m involved with research on campus. I participated in HB-Rex the summer after my sophomore year, and currently, I’m working on developing novel long-read genome sequencing technology so that we can better understand the genetics behind disease causation. I’ve also performed research in industry, helping engineer new chemotherapies for prostate cancer treatment at Pfizer. In my free time, you can find me geeking out about history and maps. And I’ve basically seen every TV show ever (favorites include Bojack Horseman, Veep, and Parks and Rec). Definitely stop by the office so we can talk about shaping HumBio to fit your individual needs. Or just come say hi! Looking forward to meeting you all.