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GET EXCITED HUMBIO CORE!!! The Core was one of the most rewarding and transformative experiences I had at Stanford. I was introduced to the world of immunology through 3A and later did an honors thesis on cancer immunotherapies. As excitingly, the B-side made me better understand the sociocultural underpinnings of disease and led me to interdisciplinary research in Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Uganda, which would shape my concentration and career aspirations in “Global Health and Infectious Disease.” Through HUMBIO, I received guidance from my mentors and friends that developed my interests in epidemiology, bioinformatics, and ecology and helped me navigate Stanford as a first-generation/low-income student. At Stanford, I was an RA in Otero, led HELP4KIDS, and studied abroad in Australia! Outside of school, I do freelance photography, enjoy cooking and freestyle rapping, and play a variety of sports (basketball and soccer mainly!). If you ever need some guiding words, corny jokes, and/or Vietnamese recipes (or want to provide with any of those), then feel free to reach out anytime! Looking forward to meeting you all virtually!