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Welcome to the HumBio core! This community provides so much mentorship and inspiration to me, and I want to contribute to this learning environment for all of you. Because of my interest in child learning and development, I concentrated in Neurobiology and Neurology and researched the language environment of preterm infants, completing an honors thesis. The core introduced new interests to me like bioethics, which I studied further when I was abroad at Oxford University. My breadth courses — such as "The Literature of Psychosis" and "Introduction to Disability Studies" — also introduced me to the amazing intersection of medicine and literature. Outside of class, I created Human Biology Spotlight, sang with the Stanford Chamber Chorale, worked with Team HBV, and volunteered with Kids With Dreams and SHAR(ED). For fun, I enjoy watching movies, reading, hiking, doing yoga, and eating lots of food. We are here to support you, so please always feel free to reach out! Can't wait to meet you all.