Course Associates 2020-21

Welcome to the HumBio Core! I am so excited to meet, learn from and grow with each of you and am even more excited for you to start a rewarding journey through the Core.  As a student in the Core, my CAs, along with the faculty, encouraged us to explore the huge breadth of the HumBio major in a way that celebrated all of our individual interests. After a professional ballet career, I chose my concentration as “Multidisciplinary Approaches to Human Performance” — looking at the complex factors at play in a person’s life and how they impact health and performance. This interdisciplinary approach shaped my own career interests and I hope that your journey through the Core will allow you to discover your passions as well. Outside of HumBio, I was a part of Cardinal Ballet Company, Dance the Bay at Stanford, StEMS, and a Research Assistant at the Stanford Neuroscience and Pain Lab. I also love all things Disney, eating food, dancing, and listening to podcasts! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to talk anything HumBio, Stanford, or anything else. I can’t wait to meet you!

Welcome to the HumBio core! This community provides so much mentorship and inspiration to me, and I want to contribute to this learning environment for all of you. Because of my interest in child learning and development, I concentrated in Neurobiology and Neurology and researched the language environment of preterm infants, completing an honors thesis. The core introduced new interests to me like bioethics, which I studied further when I was abroad at Oxford University. My breadth courses — such as "The Literature of Psychosis" and "Introduction to Disability Studies" — also introduced me to the amazing intersection of medicine and literature. Outside of class, I created Human Biology Spotlight, sang with the Stanford Chamber Chorale, worked with Team HBV, and volunteered with Kids With Dreams and SHAR(ED). For fun, I enjoy watching movies, reading, hiking, doing yoga, and eating lots of food. We are here to support you, so please always feel free to reach out! Can't wait to meet you all.

Hello and welcome to the HumBio Core! I’m so excited to get to know you all for this exciting year. In the Core, I found my passions for the social determinants of health as well as epidemiology, which led me to majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Epidemiological and Sociocultural Approaches to Population Health. The flexibility of the major allowed me to pursue a B.S. while taking plenty of classes on health, race, gender, and social policy. At Stanford, I also worked as the Health and Wellness Coordinator at the Women’s Community Center, mentored middle school girls in East Palo Alto, served as an RA, volunteered with the Cardinal Free Clinics, and conducted research in a lab that studied the role of chromatin-remodeling complexes in cancer and neurodevelopmental disorders. In my free time, I like to cook, listen to podcasts, and spend time with friends. I know this year will be quite different than normal, but us CAs are here to support you and still make this year as engaging and educational as possible! Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Welcome to HumBio, the most versatile program imaginable! I am so excited to work with you all, and so excited to watch you discover the wonders that the Core, and the major, have to offer. In my time as a HumBio student, I designed a concentration for myself focused on Disaster Public Health—tying together the epidemiology track with coursework on healthcare systems and climate change to study the risks that will shape our world in the future, and the health strategies needed to mitigate them. I pursued a B.S. in Human Biology, and also completed a B.A. in English, writing an English honors thesis on justice in Argentine literature, and a HumBio Synthesis on pandemic potential in the 21st century. While at Stanford, I competed in debate, coached debate and ran debate camps, worked with the SFDPH's Food Pharmacies program, and served as an editor for Stanford Politics. I spend my free time baking experimental recipes, hiking, writing fantasy, reading critical theory, and working with my high-school debaters. I loved it here in HumBio, and I hope you will too! 

Welcome Humbio Core zoomers! Even though this year will look a little different from past years, I can’t wait to get to know you all from a distance. The core is an incredible opportunity to get a sneak peek into the many different fields related to human life. Through the core I found my own passion for nutrition which led to my concentration in Nutrition and Social Determinants of Health. Outside of the classroom I was involved with Food and Farm Camp, the Stanford Prevention Research Center, and designed an honors thesis analyzing student dietary patterns in Stanford Dining Halls. The flexibility of HumBio also allowed me to minor in Spanish and study abroad in Madrid. There, I got the opportunity to shadow oncologists at a public hospital and experienced the interesting differences between the Spanish and American healthcare systems. Some of my other interests include exploring national parks, playing lacrosse, and trying new foods. If you ever want to talk about Food and Farm Camp, studying abroad while in HumBio, or really anything else, I’m your person! 


Welcome to the HumBio Core! I look forward to getting to know each of you throughout the next year, even if it might be in an online format. Human Biology is one of the most diverse programs at Stanford. The Core will give you a deeper understanding of the biological mechanisms and social phenomenon which make us human. My Human Biology concentration was in computational epidemiology, which entails using statistical models and computer programming to identify patterns in disease transmission. I have been able to apply much of what I have learned through HumBio to my research studying the burden of chikungunya and dengue virus in Kenya. HumBio’s interdisciplinary nature helped instill my passion for researching socio-environmental factors that can influence mosquito-borne disease transmission. Outside of Stanford, I tutored grade school children in East Palo Alto and also volunteered at the Pacific Free Clinic in order to make healthcare services more accessible for San Jose’s underserved populations. I am also a huge sports junkie – I have been a student manager for the Stanford Men’s Basketball Program since my freshman year. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have, whether related to HumBio, Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, or the MJ-LeBron-Kobe GOAT debate. 


GET EXCITED HUMBIO CORE!!! The Core was one of the most rewarding and transformative experiences I had at Stanford. I was introduced to the world of immunology through 3A and later did an honors thesis on cancer immunotherapies. As excitingly, the B-side made me better understand the sociocultural underpinnings of disease and led me to interdisciplinary research in Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Uganda, which would shape my concentration and career aspirations in “Global Health and Infectious Disease.” Through HUMBIO, I received guidance from my mentors and friends that developed my interests in epidemiology, bioinformatics, and ecology and helped me navigate Stanford as a first-generation/low-income student. At Stanford, I was an RA in Otero, led HELP4KIDS, and studied abroad in Australia! Outside of school, I do freelance photography, enjoy cooking and freestyle rapping, and play a variety of sports (basketball and soccer mainly!). If you ever need some guiding words, corny jokes, and/or Vietnamese recipes (or want to provide with any of those), then feel free to reach out anytime! Looking forward to meeting you all virtually! 


We're so excited to have you in HumBio Core this year! Taking the Core was one of the most influential academic experiences I had at Stanford. As a B.A. with a concentration in Community Health Policy, I was able to not only explore how every field, from housing development to environmental law, is connected to and affects health, but also connect with scholars and advocates who were using that knowledge to inform their work in health equity, research, and medicine. I am particularly interested in health equity for communities at the intersections of multiple identities, including queer and transgender POC (QTPOC) and individuals living with addiction/substance use disorders. 

As an undergrad, I counseled at The Bridge Peer Counseling Center, did lighting design for the Asian American Theater Project, conducted research with the Our Voice Initiative and spent a quarter in D.C. through Stanford in Washington lobbying against the development of Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Outside of Stanford, I spend my free time climbing, baking sourdough, and cheering on the Washington Capitals and San Jose Sharks. I'd love to get to know you better and learn about your passions, both within the Core and outside of it, so please drop by my office hours if you ever have any questions or just want to chat!