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Course Associates

The Human Biology Course Associates (CA's) can be found in Room 21H and 21K of the Human Biology Building (Bldg. 20, Main Quad). If you'd like to talk a CA, you can send an e-mail or find them after class. 
Photo of Andrea

Welcome to the HumBio Core!  I majored in Biology, but it was my experience working with one of your amazing professors on an honors thesis on human ancestry that led me to HumBio.  One of the things I appreciate about HumBio is that you can create your concentration in whatever interests you most.  The beautiful thing about the core is that the breadth of knowledge and the variety of skills you learn will set you up to dive deeply into the questions in human biology that you’re drawn to.  Come talk to me about single nucleotide polymorphisms, population divergence, and the process of discovering that some of us are part Neanderthal and/or Denisovan!  During my time as an undergrad, I was an RA in Roble and Mars and I taught peer counseling for the Bridge as a section leader, TA, and course coordinator.  My hobbies and interests include conducting cooking experiments, hanging out with my hamster Donut, watching cartoons, and rabbits.  Can’t wait to meet you all!

Photo of Annie

Welcome to the HumBio Core! Get ready to learn tons of interesting and relevant information - you'll be surprised by how often HumBio topics come up in the news and in everyday conversation! I am a huge fan of HumBio because it is interdisciplinary and flexible. My concentration was Public Health of Women and Children, but HumBio allowed me to study everything from Australian grass trees to disease modeling. In addition to study abroad in Australia and lots of awesome HumBio classes, some of my favorite Stanford experiences included working at the Women's Community Center and being part of the Rock Climbing Team. I also loved working with people and building community as an RA in Crothers and as a counselor for the Stanford Medical Youth Science Program. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, being outdoors, and spending quality time with friends and family. I am excited to return for my second year as a CA and learn with all of you!

Photo of David

Welcome to the Core! I cannot wait to learn and grow alongside you all this year. For me, the Core was such a formative and enriching part of my time at Stanford and was what led me to concentrate in Community Health and Health Policy. I relished being able to make connections between what we were learning in the classroom with the world around me. It also introduced me to HumBio’s incredibly supportive and diverse community of students, faculty, and staff. After the Core, I remained involved in the program as a student advisor (SA)—I highly encourage you to meet with your SAs early and often!—and as a teaching assistant for HumBio’s “Intro to U.S. Health Policy” course. Outside of Humbio, I was an RA in Crothers, volunteered at Arbor as an insurance and referrals counselor (4B knowledge came in handy on more than one occasion), planned events with Cardinal Nights, and mentored underrepresented students through Phoenix Scholars and the Stanford Medical Youth Science Program. In my free time, I love to run, play volleyball, and watch musicals. As you experience the Core, I highly encourage you to come to office hours - I’d love to chat with you about all things HumBio, my experience navigating Stanford as a first-generation, low-income student, being premed, and life more generally! I cannot wait to meet you.

Photo of Christine

Hi Humbio! Get ready for an amazing year! As a sophomore, the Core introduced me to my current passions - human development, mental health, and the social determinants of health – which I don’t think any other major could have done. This led me to my Area of Concentration in Developmental Health and Psychology. Although the Core can be a lot of work, the tight-knit community, unique topics, and supportive professors that come along with it will be so worth it. I cannot wait to share my experiences with you, and I hope you will also find what you’re passionate about through the Core! Because I love working with children and families both locally and abroad, I was an Assistant Teacher at the Bing Nursery School, leader of the Stanford Health Advocacy and Research in the Emergency Department (SHARED) program, volunteer for Global Brigades in Nicaragua, and soccer coach for Sports for Social Change in Vietnam and Cambodia. I also merged my Area of Concentration with my research in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, which you’ll learn all about in the core! Outside of teaching, I love running, taking pictures of my dog, trying out new recipes, and cheering on the OKC Thunder. I am so excited to get to know you all, so let’s talk some more in office hours!

Photo of Siyou

Welcome to the Human Biology Core! The HumBio Core provides a great breadth of topics, such as human evolution, genetics, global health, lactose, and so much more! As a former Human Biology major, I greatly appreciated HumBio’s interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. As my interests ranged from community health to the molecular phenomena of diseases, I eventually concentrated in Human Physiology and Biochemistry. My HumBio courses immensely influenced the way I viewed my privileges and opportunities as a Stanford student and helped shape my academic interests in medicine, public health, and social justice. During my undergraduate years, I was an HIV* Pact counselor at Vaden, conducted organic chemistry research, volunteered in the Stanford Emergency Department, interned at a mental health NGO and arts program in Cape Town, South Africa, and was a camp counselor for children who worked on the streets in Quito, Ecuador. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, running, going to concerts, and trying new foods! I am excited to meet and work with all of you! 

Photo of Sarita

Hi everyone! Welcome to the HumBio Core! I am extremely excited to be working with you all this year! I have so many amazing memories from my own time in the Core, not only because of the breadth of material that I learned, but also because of the people I met within the HumBio community. I entered Stanford with a strong interest in both cancer and neuroscience, and was struggling to decide which one I wanted to concentrate in. Luckily, the HumBio major allowed me to pursue both. My area of concentration was Neurobiology and Regenerative Medicine, and I had the opportunity to take classes focusing on the development and deterioration of the brain, while also learning about the development of cancer cells and stem cells. I was able to see the physical and emotional toll of cancer on patients when I volunteered at the Cancer Center, and I worked in a lab through the HB-REX program where I studied neurons post ischemic injury. I was a member of Basmati Raas, staffed in Oak Creek, and worked with VPTL as a tutor for the HumBio core. One of the highlights of my time at Stanford was living in Storey House, the HumBio themed house, in which I found an incredible community. In my free time I love to read and write (mostly fiction) and I am obsessed with dim sum! I’m looking forward to a wonderful year and to getting to know all of you in office hours and section!

Photo of Taylor

Welcome to Human Biology! I am looking forward to getting to know you all through the Core. The Core was my favorite and most influential academic experience at Stanford and I can’t wait to guide you through it! My concentration was Global Child Health, combining my biggest passions, child development and equitable access to health care. As a premed student, HumBio was crucial to my understanding of why I want to be a doctor and allowed important flexibility for me to follow what I am passionate about. Other highlights of my college experience were studying abroad in Cape Town, being an RA in Otero and CM in La Casa Italiana, directing Dance Marathon, and working as a Student Advisor for HumBio. When I’m not working, I love being outdoors, reading, and spending time with family and friends. I am so excited to see all that you will accomplish and learn in this next year in HumBio!

Photo of Jazzmin

Welcome to Human Biology! As a sophomore, the HumBio Core opened my eyes to the numerous ways that biology and social sciences intersect throughout our daily lives. The Core also introduced me to a slew of academic interests, such as infectious disease and immunology, genetics, and cancer, which led to my Area of Concentration: Human Health and Disease. Outside of HumBio, I was involved with Blackfest, SAVE: Stanford Anti-Violence Educators program, SHARED: Stanford Health Advocacy and Research in the Emergency Department, and served as a PHE in Larkin. I also conducted research on zoonotic spillover and sexual networks with the Anthropology department as well as on Marfan Syndrome at the Stanford Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease. In my free time, I enjoy watching films, listening to live music in small venues, and trying new food. I can't wait to meet you all and help you get the most out of this incredible sequence of classes!