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Course Associates

2014/2015 CAs - CONTACT THEM

The Human Biology Course Associates (CAs) can be found in Room 21H of the Human Biology Building (Bldg. 20). If you want to talk to a CA, catch him or her at class, leave a message in one of their mailboxes at Human Biology (downstairs, top shelf), leave a voice mail message, stop by his/her office hours, or email one of them (email is probably the best way to get in touch with a CA).

A Side and B Side CA Phone and Voicemail . . . . . . . .725-0342

Hello, and welcome to the HumBio Core! I am thrilled to be taking this journey with you all. As you will soon learn, HumBio is a very unique program that has so much to offer you. After finishing the Core, I was overwhelmed by all the fascinating topics and wanted to delve into many of them further. The summer after my sophomore year, I participated in the HB-Rex program, working in Professor Nusse’s lab examining the effects of genetic mutations on development in drosophila. While I loved developmental biology, I had also discovered a deep interest in the politics of health while taking the Core, an interest which eventually led me to my AC: Health Care Systems and Health Policy. To fully immerse myself in the topic, I studied abroad in Oxford, where I completed a tutorial called “Comparative Healthcare: UK v. US.” Putting my health care knowledge to practical use, I travelled to Washington, D.C. on a Stanford in Government fellowship the summer after my junior year and worked with representatives from the Health Resources and Services Administration to help develop strategic imperatives for health. When I’m not reading up on health care, you can find me on the tennis court, walking the Dish, or enjoying a cup of coffee in a sunny spot on campus. Please feel free to drop by my office hours to ask me any questions or just to talk about the greatest major Stanford offers-- HumBio!

Welcome to the HumBio Core! I can't wait to embark upon the HumBio journey with all of you. As a returning CA, I am so excited to go through the Core as a CA for the second time! The Core was one of the most transformative experiences of my Stanford undergrad career. It introduced me to many of my current interests and inspired me to pursue them more deeply in my academics and extracurricular activities! Right now, I am especially passionate about women's health, reproductive rights, medical Spanish, nutrition, and sustainable farming. My Area of Concentration was Community-Based Women's Health, which included classes on public health, reproductive health, and wellness promotion. As a premed, I also spent a lot of time in chemistry and physics classes. After finishing the Core as a student, I wasn't ready to part with it, so I stayed involved as a CTL Peer Tutor for the Core. Outside of the classroom, I also worked as a patient advocate, health educator, and medical interpreter at community clinics in East Palo Alto and Roatán, Honduras. In my free time, I love to craft--sewing, baking, and knitting are my current faves!--and do yoga and aerial fabrics. Please feel free to drop by my office hours to talk about cool science tidbits, interests in health fields, crafts, or anything else! I can't wait to get to know all of you this year.

Hey Humbio Core! I’m Talon and I’m so excited to be one of your B-Side CA’s this year! My Area of Concentration was “Health and Health Policy in Underserved Communities” and soon you will all have the opportunity to construct your own amazing A/C’s! Outside of school I am a 2nd Degree Black Belt and I love to dance. I’m also a licensed EMT. Next year I plan to pursue a dual degree MBA/MPH program.  This year I encourage everyone to be open-minded and give yourselves the opportunity to explore and engage with your passions. You never know where you’ll end up or what surprises life may have in store for you, but I’m sure all of you will do great things. Get ready for an awesome year!

Hey, HumBio Core! I’m so thrilled to be kicking off this year with you. The Core was one of the most intellectually engaging experiences of my time at Stanford. Like Human Biology in general, it integrates an amazing diversity of disciplines and fields that at times may feel overwhelming, but in the end helps you find your passions and exposes you to a lot of cool stuff along the way. My Area of Concentration was Global and Community Health in Underserved Populations. As an undergrad, I nerded out in HumBio: I did an honors thesis on my research in a regenerative medicine and surgery lab in the School of Medicine, served as a Student Advisor in HumBio, and lived in Storey House (the HumBio theme house). Outside of my long-term relationship with HumBio, I pursued lots of travel opportunities. I spent a summer in Guatemala creating an adolescent health curriculum for a non-profit; I did an Overseas Seminar in Amsterdam, The Netherlands making art while living on a houseboat; and I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain where I studied Spanish literature and mastered the art of the siesta. Besides travel, my hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, exploring SF’s food scene, taekwondo, and cheering on the Stanford Card at football games. Come hang out – I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Welcome to the great sophomore adventure we call the HumBio Core!  I’m excited to be a resource for you during this amazing intellectual and community-cultivating experience.  Courses both in- and outside the Core led to my area of concentration, Community and Environmental Considerations in Global Health.  My interest in the influence of culture on community health led me to an unforgettable post-sophomore year summer conducting independent research in a South African township. This research morphed into my senior honors thesis investigating community perspectives on public healthcare services with the ultimate aim of reducing barriers to accessing care. While at Stanford, I have also volunteered at Pacific Free Clinic and studied “abroad” in Hawaii.  When I’m not working, my passion brings this New Yorker to the great outdoors and California sun.  I enjoy hiking, cycling, beach volleyball, Frisbee and have played club tennis for 3 years. My latest acquisition and companion, Sky (my road bike), takes me to hilly vistas surrounding our magnificent campus. I’m so excited to meet all of you this year and learn alongside you!

Congratulations! You are now an integral member of an incredible community at Stanford – Humbio! Through elective/upper division classes, the Core, my Human Biology Honors thesis work, studying abroad, and living and staffing in Storey House (the Humbio dorm on the row!), I have experienced firsthand the fantastic resources, opportunities, and experiences Humbio has to offer. I am so thrilled to be a Course Assistant this year, “giving back” to a community that has given me so much! As an undergraduate, I majored in Human Biology, with a concentration in Cultural Neuroscience – an interdisciplinary approach to understanding human behavior through the lenses of anthropology, psychology, and neurobiology. I also minored in African Studies and spent time abroad in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa. If you have any interest in hip hop, dim sum, cornhole, Zelda, textiles/crafting, or traveling, I’d love to chat! I look forward to getting to know all of you!

Hello and welcome to the Core! I'm delighted to work with you all this year on such fascinating material. As a returning CA, I can't wait to make new connections between the many subjects we'll cover together. My academic trajectory at Stanford can best be described as multifaceted, but my interests have always revolved around the power of storytelling - my area of concentration in HumBio was medical humanities and ethics. A French major and TAPS minor as well, I wrote my honors thesis on the portrayal of doctors in two famous French comedies. I'm part of the editing team for The Intima, an online medical humanities journal. During my time at Stanford, I studied abroad in Paris and Oxford, worked at Stanford Sierra Camp, and spent a summer in Zimbabwe assisting a psychiatrist from the medical school. Outside of school, I'm a dialect enthusiast, avid explorer, Insanity addict, and connoisseur of good cheese. Every class I took in the Human Biology Department has deepened my appreciation for how much there is to learn! Come and hang out this year, we've got so much to discuss!

As Seattle native, I am excited to be back at Stanford working as an A side CA and avoiding the rain! Aiming to combine my interests in physiology and neuroscience, I decided to concentrate in the “neurobiological basis of human performance” within the Human Biology major. While at Stanford as an undergrad, I devoted most of my time outside of class to research in a cancer biology lab, working with the Cardinal Free Clinics, and volunteering as an EMT. In my free time, I enjoy running, skiing, and crossword puzzles. So far, my future plans include attending medical school and travel.