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Course Associates

The Human Biology Course Associates (CA's) can be found in Room 21H and 21K of the Human Biology Building (Bldg. 20, Main Quad). If you'd like to talk a CA, you can send an e-mail or find them after class. 
Michelle Brouckman Profile Photo

Welcome to the HumBio core! The Core was my most formative academic experience at Stanford because it allowed me to explore the full breadth of the HumBio major while simultaneously connecting with a community of faculty and peers. After particularly enjoying A-side units in the Core such as genetics, cell biology, statistics, and neuroscience, I chose to concentrate in “Genetics and neurological approaches to health and disease.” My concentration courses in epidemiology, chronic genetic diseases, psychology, and computer science fostered my enthusiasm for using an interdisciplinary approach to solve health problems and informed my career interests. I hope that through the Core, I can help you all find your own passions and develop concentrations of your own! Outside of HumBio, some of my favorite extracurriculars and jobs at Stanford included volunteering on the executive team of Dance Marathon, being the Academic Theme Associate of Storey (the HumBio house on the row!), teaching high school students, and studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Some of my other interest include running, hiking, cooking, and reading! I’m excited to get to know you all this year in the Core!

Andrew Bueno Profile Photo

Hello and welcome to HumBio! Just three years ago I was in your shoes, ready to embark on a really challenging but rewarding academic journey through the Core. As one of your CAs, I hope to help show you the breadth of disciplines that HumBio contains and how everything we learn can help us better understand the human experience. At Stanford, I concentrated in the Neurobiological Mechanisms of Behavior and did an honors thesis on parenting and ADHD. Some communities that were important to me as an undergrad were Chicanx/Latinx in Health Education, Stanford Synapse, and Storey, the Human Biology themed house (and objectively the best house on the row in my humble opinion). When I'm not working, I love to travel, read, and look at pictures of cats! I'm very excited to be here as a resource for you this year. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me or any other HumBio team members with your questions and concerns, and know that you belong here regardless of previous background or experience!

Molly Fogarty Profie Photo

Hello and welcome to the HumBio Core! I am so excited to get to know you all throughout the next year. Human Biology at Stanford is one of the most diverse programs which allows you to explore your interests in a multidisciplinary way. The Core is the first step on this journey, allowing you to be exposed to all that HumBio has to offer before you ultimately choose your concentration. As an undergraduate, my concentration in HumBio was in the social and psychological determinants of health— looking at how socioeconomic status and other social factors influence health long term. I also was a Spanish minor and studied abroad in Madrid, Spain. HumBio allowed me to take classes for all of my passions, ranging from Well-Being in Immigrant Children and Youth to Culture and Madness to Global Public Health. Outside of the classroom at Stanford I was a part of Stanford Dance Marathon, Stanford Sierra Camp, DreamCatchers, the Haas Center for Public Service, and I also volunteered at a local nonprofit called SIRUM. I can’t wait to meet each of you and discover your academic passions through the HumBio Core!

Cole Holderman Profile Photo

Welcome to the HumBio Core! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to meet and learn from each of you over the next year. During my time in Human Biology, I met some of my greatest mentors and friends, and discovered a deep love for viruses, parasites, brain disorders, ethics, and writing. The Human Biology major even allowed me to combine all these interests into my own concentration: “Communicating Disease.” Through support from HumBio, I was able to help run one of the largest Huntington’s Disease websites in the world (, serve as the head choreographer for an opera company, travel to Namibia, complete the Notation in Science Communication, and conduct research on the genetic origins of microcephaly.  Being a Human Biology student gives you such flexibility to explore what you love! Outside of academics I enjoy playing the ukulele, listening to podcasts, and dancing. Come talk to me at office hours if you have any questions about writing, research, or anything else at Stanford! I can’t wait to find out what drives you!

Hee Joo Ko Profile Photo

Welcome to Human Biology! The Core was one of the most formative intellectual experiences I had at Stanford. I double-majored in Human Biology and Comparative Literature, and my HumBio concentration was in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. Although I pursued a B.S. degree, the flexibility of the major allowed me to explore the brain from social, philosophical, psychological, and literary perspectives in addition to gaining a rigorous foundation in biology and computational methodologies. As an undergrad, I worked as a counselor at the SHPRC and BRIDGE, conducted neuroscience research on the impact of race/ethnicity on face recognition, studied philosophy and literature abroad at Oxford, and was an editor for STATIC, a progressive publication devoted to creative resistance to the norm. In my free time, I teach yoga, go to concerts, write, and play classical piano. I can’t wait to get to know you all!

Vicky Le Profile Photo

Welcome to the HumBio Core! I am so excited that you’ve chosen this academic adventure, and I am looking forward to being a part of all the evolutionary, genetic, and organ galore. Personally, the core ignited my many passions with its breadth of material. It enriched my understanding of cancer biology every time I went into my research lab and conducted experiments. It informed my desire to work abroad and learn about public health issues through my concentration, Global Child Health. It nurtured my patience for mentoring middle schoolers, with their still developing brains, in East Palo Alto. It increased my running endurance through palmar cooling. As you can tell, what you learn in the core will permeate throughout your Stanford and life journey. On campus, I worked as a Peer Coordinator at the Haas Center, participated in religious communities, and advised as a HumBio Student Advisor. I also enjoy floating in the ocean, jogging in circles, eating spicy foods, and making lame jokes. If you ever have any questions about HumBio, being first-generation, or going “abroad” with Stanford in Washington, please find me at office hours!

Arianna Tapia Profile Photo

Welcome to the HumBio Core! I’m looking forward to working with you all throughout the course of the year! I had my most intellectually stimulating year at Stanford because of the Core and I hope you all will feel the same. Within my concentration of the Biological and Social Determinants of Maternal and Child Health, I was able to fuse my interests of women’s sexual and reproductive health and child development. During my time as an undergrad, I danced with the Stanford Dollies, Jam Pac’d and Alliance Streetdance and I joined the LSJUMB as a part of the drums section. I was also a frosh RA in Soto, Community Manager in Durand, Tour Guide and Research Assistant in a lab that studied Autism Spectrum Disorder. In my free time, I love reading, doing yoga and watching movies/TV shows. If you have any questions about finding your path in HumBio, at Stanford or as a first-generation student please feel free to reach out to me!

Callie VanWinkle Profile Photo

Hello Human Biology Core! I'm so excited to meet and work with you all this year. During my time at Stanford, I was a Human Biology major with a concentration in Socio-Cultural Determinants of Health. I spent a great deal of time outside of class managing Pacific Free Clinic in San Jose and volunteering at local health-oriented non-profits, like SIRUM. Human Biology was the perfect major for me because it joined my passion for narrative-informed healthcare, science, and healthcare systems. I've spent time in healthcare settings in Bolivia, France and the United States, and I am excited about the idea of being a future physician, myself. Whatever you choose to focus on during your own time in Human Biology, know that you have an amazing department of faculty and advisors behind you who are excited to help you explore, learn, and grow. Welcome to the Core.