Avi Kaye

Course Associates
Graduation Year
2021-22 CA: Avi Kaye

Greetings HumBio core students! I am thrilled to be one of your CAs this year! I hope to not only guide you through the A-side curriculum but to also serve as a resource and a mentor. My Area of Concentration was “The Biosocial Determinants of Human Health and Performance,” providing me a comprehensive exploration of both the physiological and external forces that impact one’s wellbeing. During my undergraduate career, I joined the Stanford Emergency Medical Service (StEMS) as an EMT, supported athletics with the Axe Committee, contributed to the Jewish Student Association, and performed research in Professor Nusse’s Lab. My research culminated in an Honors Thesis, which I am happy to discuss further if you’re interested! During the pandemic, I served as an EMT in my home of Denver, CO, and published a systematic review on a potential COVID-19 treatment. As a good Coloradoan, I enjoy most outdoor activities (hiking, cycling, skiing, sports, etc.) and love to talk about mutual interests. I know this year will be the first on-campus for many of you, so please do not hesitate to reach out for anything!