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Ashwin Reddy

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Ashwin Reddy


Hey there, Humbio! It’s Ashwin here, and I’m looking forward to be on your team of Student Advisors this year. My area of concentration is called Developmental Behavior and Biology, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about how the physiology of the brain translates to different human behaviors. One of the classes that I’ve especially enjoyed in my concentration is HUMBIO160 or Human Behavioral Biology taught by Dr. Robert Sapolsky! I am also minoring in modern languages, and have taken multiple Spanish and Hindi classes.


Along with being an SA this year, I am also excited to be the president of Stanford Alzheimer’s Alliance, an Outdoors Leader for Stanford Outdoor Outreach Program , a Tutor for Stanford Habla, and an interpreter and pre-clinician at the Pacific Free Clinics. In my spare time, I love to work out, watch movies, and embrace the outdoors!  Feel free to stop by the SA office to chat with me, I can’t wait to meet all of you!