Ashley Riley (she/her)

Course Associates
Graduation Year
2021-22 CA: Ashley Riley

Hey everybody! Welcome to the HumBio Core, we are so excited to get to know each and every one of y’all this year. The Core is an amazing opportunity to explore your interests as it exposes you to a wide breadth of topics related to human health and social dynamics. My time in the Core affirmed my passion for genetics and human disease, leading to my concentration in the Genetic Basis of Cellular Biology. Additionally, because of the flexibility that HumBio gives you in building your own academic path, I was able to double major in Chemistry with an emphasis in Biological Chemistry. During my time at Stanford, I conducted research in several different labs, writing an Honor Thesis on my work studying the interaction between neurotoxins and sodium channels. I also worked as a tutor at Stanford’s Center for Teaching and Learning and highly recommend utilizing this service for all of your classes! In my downtime I enjoy rock climbing, throwing pottery, and playing with my puppy, Chad. We know that things are a little bit different this year, but we are here to help you out any way that we can, so please reach out!