Alyssa Fuentes (she/her)

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Student Advisor Alyssa Fuentes

Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa and I am so excited to be one of your SAs this year! I’m a senior from the northern Central Valley of California who came to Stanford expecting to major in biology (as a pre-med, I thought that was the only thing I could do). Luckily, my SNG frosh year, who is our amazing Core Course Coordinator, introduced me to HumBio, and I never looked back. I am concentrating on Cancer Biology, and learning tons about the cell cycle and what can and does go wrong in the development and treatment of cancer. At the same time, I am taking advantage of HumBio’s flexibility and taking classes on everything from Epidemiology to Health Disparities. I am hoping to become an oncologist (at least for now—I have a penchant for changing my mind) and helping support people through and beyond their disease.

Beyond our HumBio program, I am very passionate about mentorship and sharing stories with other people; because of this, I mentor through The Phoenix Scholars and Women and Youth Supporting Each Other. I am also an RA and work with 5-SURE on Foot (come say hi!). I have worked as a lab tech since my frosh year, feeding fish in a DevBio lab and forcing them to listen to my podcasts with me. When the pandemic started, I worked with SNAPL in doing some patient outreach as well. You can catch me walking around campus at all hours, migrating between the WCC and TAP, as well as rewatching all my favorite shows and reading every book I can. I am stoked to get to work with you all in the HumBio building and help you in any way I can!