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Transfer Policies

The Human Biology interdisciplinary program allows for transfer credits in a student's course of study. All students should meet with a HumBio student services officer to review your transferable coursework. 

Let's create a course plan!

Because the Human Biology program requires students to craft their own course of study after the Core, it is helpful for transfer students to meet with student services to create a course plan. 

  1. Schedule a meeting with student services after you have been admitted.  
  2. Submit your transcripts from all previous institutions and Stanford for a preliminary transfer credit review
  3. Start crafting a course plan. Student services will guide you in this process during your meeting. Students who have completed at least two core courses should use SFACT. Other students should start their plan with this planning sheet
  4. When you're ready to declare submit the Transfer Credit Request Form for all transfer coursework in your course plan.

All coursework, unless otherwise specified, requires a syllabus and transcript to be submitted to HumBio's student services for review. 

Transfer Unit Restrictions per major requirement:

  • HumBio Core: this requirement is generally not transferable. 
  • Statistics: parallel courses to the HumBio approved statistics courses are allowed. 
  • Breadth: no more than 4 courses, up to 15 units of transferable quarter units are allowed (syllabus not required). 
  • Depth*: 1-2 courses, up to 6 transferable quarter units are allowed. 
  • Upper Division: transfer units are not allowed. 
  • Capstone: transfer units are not allowed.

*Note: Students who would like to transfer more than two courses taken during Spring 2020 through Summer 2021 will need to provide syllabi and official transcripts for program review.

Any transfer credits accepted by Human Biology must be on the Stanford record, requested through the Registrar's Office. Please review the additional Transfer Credit Policy from the Registrar's Office.