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Maya Lorey & Kristin McIntire win Deans' Awards for Academic Achievement

Head shots side by side of Kristin on the left and Maya on the right
Stanford News
Mar 6 2018

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Join Human Biology in congratulating Maya Lorey and Kristin McIntire, winners of the Deans' Awards for Academic Achievement, which recognizes a small number of extraordinary undergraduates for their outstanding scholarly achievements.

Read a brief profile about Maya and Kristin's accomplishments.

Faculty members from across campus nominated students. The winners were selected by HARRY ELAM, vice provost for undergraduate education, and the deans of Stanford’s three undergraduate schools: STEPHEN GRAHAM, Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences; RICHARD SALLER, Humanities and Sciences; and JENNIFER WIDOM, Engineering.

Maya Lorey is a senior majoring in Human Biology with a minor in Human Rights. At Stanford, she designed a unique, interdisciplinary framework for her studies and focused on women’s health and rights in conflict and post-conflict settings. As a junior, Maya completed a tutorial in Human Rights Law at Oxford University. For her Human Biology senior synthesis paper on the systematic use of rape as a weapon of war, Maya analyzes the impact of international and domestic courts on Rwandan Genocide rape survivors and proposes non-judicial justice mechanisms for Rohingya refugee women. Professor David Cohen writes that, “Her motivation arises from commitment to the underlying issues and a commitment to do justice to their complexity and importance.” Maya believes that philanthropy plays an instrumental role in dismantling systems of injustice and inequality. Last summer, Maya was a Sand Hill Fellow at the Skoll Foundation and next quarter she will be a TA for “Theories of Civil Society, Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Sector.” Maya received the President’s Award for Academic Excellence in her Freshman Year. She also received an international award for her academic writing. Maya serves as the Undergraduate Representative on the Board of Trustees Development Committee and sits on the WSD HANDA Center for Human Rights and International Justice student advisory board.  Professor Tanya Luhrmann calls Maya, “not just an excellent student, but a student who has become someone who actively engages in the world and has become someone intellectually trained to think deeply and wisely about that engagement.”  Next year, Maya is excited to continue her work in philanthropy and human rights as a Tom Ford Philanthropy Fellow.

Kristin McIntire is a senior majoring in Human Biology with honors. She is the first author of a study she conducted with Professor Albert Wong investigating the survival and treatment trends of the deadly brain tumor, glioblastoma. Professor Wong praises Kristin for her “extraordinary contributions,” “intelligence,” and “advanced knowledge of clinical terms and concepts that typically only an advanced medical student possesses.” Kristin presented their findings to the international medical community at the Society for Neuro-Oncology Annual Meeting in 2017. Kristin is a leading contributor for a major clinical study at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Boston Children’s Hospital Childhood Brain Tumor Center, where she studies outcomes of pediatric patients with isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) mutations. She is the youngest member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Young Professionals Advisory Council for business people under 45, and she has worked as a lead counselor and in other roles in Oncology and Sickle Cell Anemia at Camp Sunshine for children with life-threatening illness. Kristin is the founder of an emerging nonprofit organization, Practice with Pals, which works to involve college students to improve quality of life for children in medical treatment. On campus, Kristin is the director and founder of the Kids with Dreams writing program, which is publishing a book of art and writing by youth impacted by disabilities.