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Inequalities in US Infant & Maternal Health with Dr. Maya Rossin Slater

Headshot of Maya Rossin-Slater

"When Serena Williams, the tennis star, first recounted how she struggled to get medical attention after developing complications following childbirth, her experience seemed like an aberration. How was it possible that one of the world’s top celebrities was initially ignored by her health care providers when she told them something was wrong?”

In her latest research on health inequality, HumBio Professor Maya Rossin-Slater and colleague Petra Persson finds that “Williams’ harrowing encounter with the U.S. health care system reflects a stark reality for many Black women, whether they are rich or poor: Black mothers and their newborns of all income levels do significantly worse, health-wise, than their white counterparts.”

Read about their findings and the full research study now here