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Natalie Holles '95, Chief Operating Officer, Audentes Therapeutics

Graduation Year

My funniest memory is of tap dancing on stage in front of the entire class at the final "pre-final" study session of the year when I was head A-side CA. I, of course, had no tap dancing experience to speak of, but what can I say, I was inspired. Inspired and, ok, dared by one of the other CAs.

I've had several intersections with HumBio throughout my career. Most directly, I ran business development for KAI Pharmaceuticals, a company founded by former A-side lecturer Daria Mochly-Rosen based on her groundbreaking research in protein kinase C signaling. Daria and Ellen Porzig were two of my most impactful early role models of badass women in science (if you'll excuse the term).

My current role feels like a crash-course in HumBio on a daily basis - I'll go from talking biochemistry to genetics to human development to clinical science in the course of a two-hour meeting. And I love it. It gives me the same intellectual charge as that first lecture where Bill took us from milk consumption patterns to creation myths to Pacific pinnipeds and back again. Cognitive nimbleness is a powerful thing!

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