Nancy Merrick '74, Physician, Author, Speaker,

Graduation Year

HumBio area of study: Primates, Gombe alumna.
Like Cay Craig, I am one of the group that worked at Gombe, studying chimpanzees - and I returned to continue with chimps at the Stanford Outdoor Primate Facility. In 2008, I returned to East Africa, and learned chimps are extinct in 4 countries of Africa and nearly so in 10 others. That visit was life-changing and has led to new trips and to a book, "Among Chimpanzees: Field Notes from the Race to Save Our Closest Relatives" (foreword by Jane Goodall). My family and I have created an educational and advocacy website, What a privilege to have been a part of Human Bio in those amazing early days and to go through life knowing the remarkable David Hamburg and other greats!