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Jonathon (Foster) Marley '84, Director of Development & Planning, East Bay Community Law Center

East Bay Community Law Center

HumBio area of study: Physiological Psychology.
HumBio has had a massive and ongoing impact on my life. Perhaps most importantly, the person with whom I have chosen to spend my life -- Carolyn (Hurst) Marley -- also graduated in 1980 from the Human Biology program. In some ways, we are like a mini-experiment in HumBio genetics, sociology, anthropology, etc., raising two HumBio-type offspring, and living our lives together over the past 27 years influenced by Stanford and all of the amazing people and experiences we encountered....I arrived at Stanford not knowing anything about HumBio and left knowing that it was the perfect fit for me, and something that has become an integral part of my identity. Jonathon's story continued.