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Proposal Form & Supervisor Evaluation

In order to be cleared of the internship requirement, there are two pieces of paperwork that must be completed with the necessary signatures and delievered to HumBio student services staff.

Internship Proposal Form

The first of those forms is the internship proposal form, which should be completed prior to the start of the internship. For anyone who still needs to fill out an internship proposal form, you can download it here and use your word processor to fill in your information:

HumBio Internship Proposal Form


Supervisor Evaluation Form

The second of these forms is the supervisor evaluation form, where the student's internship supervisor confirms the successful completion of the internship. The most straightforward way to complete the supervisor evaluation requirement is to have the supervisor send an email (in the form of a letter or memo) to Lia Cacciari ( and Matt Kramer ( in the following format: 


  • Supervisor must confirm that student satisfactorily completed 120+ hours of the work he/she arranged to perform
  • Supervisor can include any additional information or comments they consider relevant about the student's performance

If the supervisor is not able to send their evaluation via email, please download and print this PDF of a blank supervisor evaluation form and have the supervisor fill that out. The supervisor can fax it via (650) 725-5451 (ATTN: Lia Cacciari) or give it to the student to deliver. Note: if the student is delivering the evaluation form, it must be in a sealed and signed (over the seal) envelope.

Supervisor Evaluation Form


Virtual Presentation

After completing both of the paperwork items described above, the last thing a student needs to clear the internship requirement is completing their virtual presentation (consisting of a slideshow presentation and short essay, which the student will upload to a website that is shared with their fellow interns so that everyone can see each other's work). The final quarter to complete the internship presentation is Autumn Quarter 2016-17 academic year. The presentation is due Friday, November 18th. 

If you have questions about anything internship related, please contact the Internship TA Steven Losorelli via