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Finding an Internship

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Internship Requirement for the Human Biology major will be changing in the near future. Students who declare the major in spring quarter of the 2015-2016 academic year will instead fulfill a “Capstone” requirement, the details of which will be posted on our website by the start of spring quarter. The final quarter to give an internship poster presentation will be autumn quarter of the 2016-2017 academic year.

● This infomercial (2:33) has tips for finding your internship

Use the internship as an opportunity to really examine your options for the future and your skills in pursuing them!  An internship opportunity can be found anywhere, and there are many ways of going about finding the Internship that is right for you.  The following are common resources you can use to locate an internship:

●  Faculty advisers often know of different opportunities in their particular areas of interest.

●  The BEAM (Bridging Education, Ambition and Meaningful Work) resources for jobs/Internships are not to be missed.

●  The Haas Public Service Center has many available opportunities.

●  The Undergraduate Academic Life (Sweet Hall) provides listings of research opportunities available at Stanford.

●  The Human Biology Internship Faire, held yearly, Autumn quarter.

●  The Human Biology Virtual Internship Presentation, is a great way to find out about internships fellow HumBio students have currently completed.

● The Buzz (the Hum Bio newsletter) often has the most current internship opportunities listed.  Check every issue. 

  • HB-REX (Human Biology Research Exploration) - The HB-REX program enables Human Biology majors to spend the summer working on a research project supervised by a Stanford faculty member. Students may apply to a research internship described on the HB-REX project list, or they may apply for funding towards a project they have already developed with a faculty mentor. HB-REX is designed for sophomores who have just completed the Core
  • The Student Advisors' office has a wealth of information, including Internship binders, bulletin boards, and a database of past Human Biology internships.

Another very effective way to find internships is to contact an organization or department that you are interested in directly – call around and ask lots of questions!