Founding Faculty

Can you name the 8 founders of Human Biology? (answer below)

Sandy Dornbusch
Paul Ehrlich
David Hamburg
Al Hastorf
Don Kennedy
Norm Kretchner
Joshua Lederberg
Colin Pittendrigh

Enjoy watching the HumBio panel with founders made in 2011 in honor of HumBio's 40th. Enjoy interviews with founders, Sandy Dornbusch, Paul Ehrlich, Al Hastorf, David Hamburg, Don Kennedy, and Tibby Simon (program admin back in the day) and faculty, Shirley Feldman, Herant Katchadourian, Bob Siegel, Russ Fernald, Craig Heller, Bill Durham, Don Barr, Richard Klein, Arthur Wolf, Audrey Bernfield, and Carol Boggs.  

Among the treasured founding staff from 1972-1975 were Tibby Simon, Dolly Madden, Talley Kenyon and Sophie Alway.

HumBio's Who's Who, from left to right:

Sandy Dornbusch: was the Reed-Hodgson Professor in Human Biology, and Professor of Sociology

Paul Ehrlich: Bing Professor of Population Studies, Emeritus

David Hamburg, M.D.: Reed-Hodgson Professor in Human Biology, Emeritus, and Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emeritus

Al Hastorf: was Professor of Psychology

Don Kennedy: President Emeritus of Stanford University, and Bing Professor of Environmental Science, Emeritus

Norm Kretchner: was Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus

Joshua Lederberg: was Professor of Genetics, Emeritus

Colin Pittendrigh: was the Harold A. Miller Professor, Emeritus of Biology