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Stanford Bio-X Frontiers in Interdisciplinary Biosciences Seminar, Dr. Ken Yamada

Date and Time: 
February 20, 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Stanford Bio-X Frontiers in Interdisciplinary Biosciences Seminar

Speaker: Kenneth Yamada, NIH NIDCR

Seminar Title: "Dynamics of 3D Cell Migration and Organogenesis"

Hosted by: Dr. Ovijit Chaudhuri, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University


Recent microscopy and cell biology approaches are revealing new mechanisms underlying cell migration and mammalian embryonic organ formation. We can now visualize and semi-quantify the highly dynamic, two-way interactions of human cells with the 3D extracellular matrix in vitro to compare migration of normal and cancer cells. The mechanobiology underlying cell migration, spatially regulated deposition of matrix, and sculpting of initially unorganized cells into complex branched organs are being characterized and experimentally manipulated using mouse embryonic organ culture and 3D human cell and spheroid models. These studies provide unexpected new insights into the dynamic forces and specific molecules involved in 3D cell migration and the remodeling of epithelial cells into 3D embryonic tissue architecture.

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Bio-X Program
Clark Center Seminar Room S360
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