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Eleanor Levin '75, occupation: Cardiologist (Lipid Specialist); HumBio research project: Lipid Tissue Extracts on Glucose Metabolism

Eleanor Levin wearing blue shirt and blue/purple scarf, blonde hair, wire framed glasses

I was deciding whether to major in Biology of Humbio in the spring of 1972. I attended both lectures of Bio 1 and HumBio 1 when the mosquitos in the bromeliads in Trinidad captured my interest forever. I was hooked. I loved all of my HumBio classes including Human Sexuality with our freshman dorm in Mem Aud the winter of 1972. No textbook then, and everyone asked, "is there a lab?" My final class in college was Practical Plant Biology. We learned to plant a garden and harvested it in June. The spring after graduation and before med school, I was a TA in HumBio 1.