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Cristin Weekley ’09, occupation: Grad student with One Health Institute, UCDavis, HumBio area of study: Environmental Change and International Health,

Dr. Bob Siegel & Maasai villagers in the famous Siegel jump

One of my favorite HumBio experiences didn't occur during the Core, but actually happened this past year when I was working as a healthcare program director for a nonprofit in rural Kenya. My parents came to visit and we went on safari in the Maasai Mara. As we stepped out of the van during our visit to one of the traditional Maasai villages, our Maasai guide, Andrew, noticed my Stanford Alumni baseball cap. He asked me if I had attended Stanford, and grinned broadly when I answered that I had. "Oh, do you know a professor there, he has come to visit us!" I paused in amazement, and then slowly grinned and asked, "Did he wear a funny hat?" "Yes, yes!" "And did he have crazy hair and talk really fast and jump in all his pictures?" "YES, YES that is Dr. Robert Siegel, how is he? We Maasai remember him very well!" Even halfway across the world, people know HumBio and its professors. We certainly make our mark wherever we go!

photo credit: Robert Siegel