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Current Controversies in Women's Health (FEMGEN 256, OBGYN 256)


Interdisciplinary. Focus is primarily on the U.S., with selected global women's health topics. Topics include: leading causes of morbidity and mortality across the life course; reproductive (e.g. gynecologic & obstetric) health issues; sexual function; importance of lifestyle (e.g. diet, exercise, weight control), including eating disorders; mental health; sexual and relationship abuse; issues for special populations. In-class Student Debates on key controversies in women's health. Guest lecturers. Undergraduates must enroll in HumBio 125 for 3 units. PhD minor in FGSS, enroll in FEMGEN 256 for 3 units and for a letter grade. Med students enroll in OBGYN 256 for 2 units. Spring.

Course ID: 
203 419