As we navigate this complex and ever-changing landscape, our team is available to help you! If you have any ideas on community building, online instruction/learning, or anything else, please feel free to send them our way. Below, you can find links related to health and wellness, BLM resources, fun community-related activities, and then some key career-related and other university-related resources.

There are no serious action items on this page, friends - just positive ways to connect us all together and keep the HumBio community thriving. Join, follow, share in whatever way you would like, whenever you would like, if you would like! Stay tuned!

If you are looking for something not listed here, please contact us. If you know of additional helpful resources that should be listed above let us know.


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BLM & Anti-Racism Resources

The principles of inclusion, diversity, and social justice are fundamental to our Human Biology mission. Everything, in short, that stands in contrast to the injustice, bias, and devaluation of Black lives that have been highlighted, yet again, this year.

  • D-CORE Racial Justice Library Catalog: A new collection of 140 books from the Diversity Center of Representation & Empowerment

  • RaceWorks: A resource for educators and facilitators who want to develop students’ or coworkers’ racial literacy
  • LARA Method: Listen, Affirm, Respond, and Ask Questions, builds respect and common ground between people in conversation, allowing you to explore your differences more openly and honestly.
  • Are You Ready To Talk?: A resource for those who want. to have or lead a conversation about different identities, experiences, or viewpoints.
  • Centering Black Community Needs: Developed by the Office of Graduate Education for faculty and staff to engage in difficult conversations and better support students, postdocs, and research staff
  • Resources for Education and Action: Readings developed by the Teaching & Mentoring Academy to support education around racism and anti-racism.
  • Justice In June: Becoming an active ally to the black community
  • Anti-Racism Resources for White People: A resource guide compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein for white people to deepen their anti-racist work
Health & Wellness

Looking for ways to stay active and healthy but prefer not to step into a gym? Look no further! Here are just a few free online resources to keep you in shape -