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Human Biology Practicum:  HUMBIO 191 (1 unit total, letter grading)

The Practicum involves attending workshops, reflecting on your undergraduate experiences, and giving a presentation to your HumBio peers about your journey through Stanford and the major. There are a variety of workshop options in the Practicum; your choices will reflect your own needs and aspirations. Options include alumni and career mentoring, practical skills development and guided reflection workshops. The structure of the Practicum is flexible and there is not a scheduled classroom meeting time. You are responsible for choosing the workshops based on individual interests and schedules. In order to get the most out of your Capstone, we encourage you to participate thoughtfully in out-of-classroom experiences that are relevant to your Area of Concentration topic, Human Biology, or your career goals. The workshops complement and drawn upon meaningful experiences such as community-engaged service, organizational leadership, research, and pre-professional experiences. The experiences you deliberately engage in are an essential part of taking full advantage of the Practicum.

The Practicum is a 1-unit course, listed under ExploreCourses as HumBio 191. You  should enroll in the HumBio 191 unit the quarter in which you plan to complete all of the Practicum requirements, typically Senior spring. However, you do not have to complete the entire Practicum in a single quarter. Rather, it is strongly encouraged to start your Practicum experience early, taking at least one workshop your Junior year.  the Human Biology Capstone site on Canvas. The Human Biology Capstone Canvas site is use to post individual workshops announcements with sign up links and track academic progress of the requirements. 

For full details, students should refer to the Capstone Handbook. 

Note: students are added to the Capstone course website on Canvas following their declaration of the Human Biology major.

Practicum Examples

Ally Hinson
Area of Concentration: Human performance in Sports Medicine

Health Careers Institute through BEAM
Ally took part in BEAM’s Health Career Intensive, which is a 5-week program where students learn about careers in health, meet alumni who successfully got jobs in the health industry, and complete critical job search tasks.
A positive from this workshop was knowing that I had many of the skills employers were looking for....

Cornerstone to Capstone
This final workshop was a perfect way to tie together my entire capstone and overall HumBio experience. It was very interesting to revisit my declaration essay, or Cornerstone, and reflect on how both my academic and general Stanford journey has played out since.

Ally participated in the HB-REX program and presented her summer research through Dr. H. Craig Heller’s lab on The Effects of Cooling Glabrous Skin on Workload and Work Volume During Strength Training of Female Athletes. In her Capstone Essay, Ally tells her engaging story on how she discovered a new career path through the interdisciplinary HumBio approach.