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Reunion Open House

Large Stanford-red comment bubble is the background for lime-green neuron synapse cartoon with A side and B side

Reunion Open House 2018 - Save the Date Friday, October 26th

Reunion Open House 2017

Alumni, faculty, and students followed their neural pathways to HumBio during Homecoming Weekend to reconnect with their A-side and B-side HumBio community.  This was a wonderful time for catching up with friends over light refreshments, learning about student research projects via their poster display, enjoying HumBio's memory-lane treasures, and getting HumBio swag.

Bill Durham festschrift for HumBio's 45th anniversary in 2016

Bill Durham regaled HumBio with his stories, alumni shared their diverse academic and career perspectives, NOKA, the muscial Basque group, entertained with song and story, and friends reconnected.

45th Program  ~   Retro-recap of Bill Durham's lactose lecture highlights  ~   Alumni appreciation video for Bill Durham

The Bill Durham Teaching Fund

Each gift to the Bill Durham Teaching Fund builds the endowment, boosting HumBio's ability to recruit the next generation of faculty, and support high quality teaching in Human Biology for years to come. When alumni reflect on the incredible teaching they experienced in Human Biology, Bill Durham's name always come up. He has become synonymous with Human Biology, captivating classroom instruction, and influential mentorship. Big thanks to all who contribute to this special fund, which will help keep HumBio the premier major at Stanford.

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