Transfer Students

The Human Biology interdisciplary program allows for transfer credits in a student's course of study. All transfer students should meet with a HumBio student services officer to review your coursework. 

Transfer Unit Restrictions per major requirement

All coursework, unless otherwise specificied, requires a syllabus and transcript to be submitted to HumBio's student services for review. 

  • HumBio Core: this requirement is generally not transferable. 
  • Statistics: parallel courses to the HumBio approved statistics courses are allowed. 
  • Breadth: 10 units of transferable quarter units are allowed (syllabus not required). 
  • Depth: 1-2 courses, up to 6 transferable quarter units are allowed. 
  • Upper Division: transfer units are not allowed. 
  • Capstone: transfer units are not allowed.

Any transfer credits accepted by Human Biology must be on the Stanford record, requested through the Registrar's Office. Please review the additional Transfer Credit Policy from the Registrar's Office.