Apply to Graduate

Degree Progress Check

Seniors must complete a Degree Progress Check before they can apply to graduate in Axess by completing the Graduation Clearance Procedure (see below). The window for Degree Progress Checks are as follows:

  • Autumn & Winter quarter graduates: September 13th - November 1st
  • Spring & Summer quarter graduates: January 10th - March 1st
    • Note, individual degree progress check due dates will be assigned for Spring graduates by last nameSchedule will be available Week 8 of Fall quarter.

Students with course changes may meet with an SA prior to their Degree Progress Check to discuss those changes. If a course change is needed after you have completed your Degree Progress Check, e-mail HumBio student services

Graduation Clearance Procedure

  1. Check the availability of courses in your course plan and course schedule for remaining quarters on Explore courses. 
  2. Update your Course of Study (COS) in SFACT. If no changes are needed and your COS is approved, you do not need to meet with a Student Services Officer. 
    1. Schedule a meeting with a Student Services Officer if your COS is pending approval or you need to make changes to your COS. 
    2. More than one change to the Depth courses requires writing an addendum to your original Cornerstone Essay which includes the added courses that need approval.
  3. Obtain, from Axess, a copy of your transcript (unofficial is fine) and annotate, digitally or handwritten, with the following notation:
    1. B for Breadth courses
    2. D for Depth courses
    3. U for Upper Division courses
    4. S for Statistics course
    5. C for Capstone course(s)
  4. Take care of any issues regarding outstanding grades for a prior quarter – check your transcript on Axess. A minimum grade of C- is required for the courses that fulfill the HumBio major requirements. Review COVID-19 policies for updated grade requirements.
  5. If a course that you need in your requirements is not yet listed on your transcript (i.e., you are taking it the quarter of graduation), and/or if you are using Transfer Credit in your requirements, please list that course (Course Number, Title, and Units) on your transcript (top of the first page). 
  6. Save file as FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_TRANSCRIPT.pdf. Upload your marked-up transcript by clicking the button below. Once received a Student Services Officer will review it and contact you if there are any concerns. 

    Annotated Transcript Upload
  7. If you are applying for more than one undergraduate degree, complete the "Multiple Major/Minor Form" on Axess. 

After Your Degree Progress Check

Apply to Graduate, refer to Registrar's Office site for deadlines and other "to do" items. 

If a course change is needed after you have completed your Degree Progress Check, e-mail HumBio Student Services

Regarding university requirements, the Registrar's Office will send a separate email to Seniors.