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Student Advising & Declaring

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A prospective major must consult with the Student Advisors to obtain detailed information about the program and guidance in the development of an individual course of study.

When preparing to declare the Human Biology major, the student must submit a written statement (3-5 pages) of academic and long-term goals and the proposed list of courses satisfying the requirements for the major. This Course of Study proposal is then reviewed by the Student Advisors who also help identify an appropriate faculty adviser. After the faculty adviser has approved a Course of Study, the final approval rests with Human Biology Student Services.

It is important to declare early, preferably in early spring as soon as students have passed the four Autumn and Winter Quarter core courses (HumBio 2A / 2B, HumBio 3A / 3B). The University requires students to declare a major by the end of Spring Quarter of the sophomore year. Under special circumstances, students may declare as late as Autumn Quarter of the junior year. Declarations past that point might require additional paperwork or approvals, and are less likely to be approved. 

Students who plan to pursue graduate work should also be aware of the admission requirements of the schools to which they intend to apply. Early planning is advisable to guarantee completion of both major and graduate school requirements.

The Human Biology Student Advisors (SA's) can be found at the HumBio Hub in the Human Biology Building (Main Quad Building 20, Room 21A). Scroll down below to view their weekly Office Hours.

Student Advising office phone Student advising team Email
(650) 725-0341